relationship-relationship dynamic spread for anonymous

Hullo! Might I have a reading? The boy that I deeply care about is going after a girl who’s generic and doesn’t like him. We are good friends and I know at one point he liked me. But he told me he didn’t want anything. I totally respect that, but a … Very wise guy friend told me that it was extremely likely that J____ will realize that I made him happy or whatever guys think, and come back to me. he said a lot of guys say no because they’re unprepared and regret it. Should I FINALLY move on?

You + The Relationship: The Fool

The Fool in love. Aw. Don’t worry, I’m not calling you a Fool— in fact, in the Tarot, the Fool is something I think we all wish to be from time to time. He sees the world as full of endless possibilities and isn’t jaded or weighed down with prejudices or negativity, yet. He’s excited and passionate and curious and up for any kind of adventure! The downside? He doesn’t realize that he’s teetering on the edge of a cliff. His dog (sometimes seen as his spirit guide) is barking at him— warning him perhaps, or maybe just joining in his blissful happiness— and he’s not listening. As it relates to romantic relationships, this can both indicate that honeymoon phase at the beginning, and it can also be someone who is full of love but isn’t ready to commit. Remember, this is coming up in the position of how YOU are seeing the dynamics between you two.

Him + The Relationship: 5 of Pentacles, Rx

This is a tricky card to read in a relationship reading, to be honest. It has a lot to do with financial, material and health concerns. When it is drawn upright, it talks about total financial devastation, crippling illness, etc. However, the figures on the card are a couple, which is interesting. The man is severely wounded, and the woman is sort of dragging him along or staying by his side in the middle of a blizzard. They are right outside of a church, but the churches windows are adorned with 5 coins— I take this to mean that society has turned a blind eye to this couple in obvious need. The church doesn’t care, as long as it has its money. When REVERSED, this card still holds a lot of the same elements, but it can be a sign of coming OUT of that horrible situation. Recovering from losses. It is a time of regaining confidence; the person who has been through the 5 of Pentacles situation will never see the world quite the SAME, but at least they’ve learned a lot of lessons. It often appears when the person in question is moving into a more stable, “safer” feeling situation. It can be talking about a co-dependant relationship.

Was he, by any chance, in a really bad relationship in the somewhat recent past? Or perhaps a time of extreme hardship? I ask because, this card indicates that he is feeling recently freed from something that was really restricting him. How this is relating to the dynamics between the two of you— I don’t know. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Hidden Factors: 10 of Cups

This is a very happy card. It is about domestic bliss and lasting happiness. It can show up as an indication that someone in the situation (most likely the querent) views family as VERY important. Perhaps one of you is more family-oriented than the other? Is there something going on in either of your lives that relates to home and family?

It can also show up when a family has undergone a really hard time, but is seeing their hard times finally dissipate.

I’m getting a sense that there’s more going on in his world than meets the eye.

Advice: The Emporer

I always see the Emporer as a stern father figure sitting on his throne of judgement. It brings back memories in my own life when I was younger and my own dad had to lay down the law about not bringing boys in my room and rules about dating, etc. 🙂
While it can indicate an encounter with the law (don’t go getting arrested!), it can also provide us with a model to follow. The Emperor rules with his head, not his heart, and he is very stern about not getting wrapped up in the world of bamboozling emotions. He urges you to look at the issue objectively: take your own wishes, feelings and speculations OUT of the equation and look at the situation from a detached perspective. Is this guy acting like he is interested in a relationship with you? Don’t complicate it with too many extenuating factors— answer yes or no. And more importantly, just as a father might ask his daughter, does he treat you well? How does he treat others? How does he talking about other people… other girls? Does he respect you? Ask yourself these hard questions. The Emperor is your advice card, and the Emporer always KNOWS the truth of the matter. I think this is telling you that you know the answer too.


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