Guys… I’m having hard times. I’ve got some health issues that are keeping me from working and I’ve been in the disability application/denial/appeal loop for a year and a half…

So if you’ve been happy with my readings in the past and would like to help me out, I’m asking for $5 a reading for a while. I hate to charge, especially here where you all have been so kind and helped me develop my skill. But I can’t even afford shampoo right now…

So if you’d like a reading on whatever is plaguing your mind and feel like doing a kind deed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!





  1. Chels · April 20, 2014

    Hey – I would totally pay you for a reading. Hit me up. -Chelsea

    • tillytarot · April 20, 2014

      CHELSEA! Hells yeah. Can you do paypal? If so, just first send me a message ( right now) and let me know what your question or situation is, and what you’d like to know. You can then hit the paypal button. I’ll do the reading and write up for it and let you know when it’s finished and then I’ll accept the payment. 🙂 I love doing readings for friends! ❤

  2. Kate · June 18, 2014

    Hello! I was wondering if you have some availability tonight to do a reading? I have an important conversation to have tomorrow (already did your spread from Apr 22 🙂 ) and I would like some extra insight about it. I’m willing to pay extra if you need it, for the short notice. You can email me at if you receive this. I have a paypal account all set up 🙂

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