Anonymous Love Question from Anonymous Querent

I’m not going to post the question this querent has asked out of respect for their privacy, but this is a love reading about a relationship that is struggling.

The first card I pulled was the Justice card. It is in a “past” position— meaning this is where your concern is coming from. Or, this is the way things were, but they have since changed and you’re wanting to figure out why.

Traditional interpretations of the Justice card: it’s all about fairness, honesty, balance and justice. Sometimes it points to legal matters— and when upright, the Justice card is a good omen for those matters turning out in your favor. This card also is association with the zodiac sign Libra.

In the context of a relationship, this card comes loaded with advice about being honest. Honesty in general is important, but this card is talking about a more urgent need for both sides of the story to be presented. You mentioned that there was some issue with another woman that you don’t believe he cheated on you with, but obviously something had to have come up that brought this concern into light. There may be a little more to this story than you realize. To sum up this card: no matter how tough it may be to deal with, getting the complete truth clarified now will save you a whole lot of hurt in the future…

The second card I drew was the Four of Pentacles, reversed. This lands in your “present” position. Not a great card for relationships. It is letting you know that a major conflict or argument may be about to happen and it may get out of control. The whole concept that the Four of Pentacles represents is about holding on tightly to what we have (often materially). Sometimes it indicates that someone in the situation is far too concerned about money, material possessions or even outward appearances. On the more encouraging side, this card isn’t damning your relationship completely, it’s just telling you to prepare, because you may face some conflicts in the near future. If both parties are really willing to work on the issues, be OPEN and HONEST (I’m sensing a theme…), be giving and generous with one another. Lastly, it warns about being too possessive!

In the future position, I drew the Ten of Cups, also reversed. This card suggests, once again, that there is a real need here for further honest self-evaluation on both of your parts. It also suggests that things like self-deception, a false heart, and dysfunctional family relationships. Is there anything that has to do with families that might be affecting things?

So it’s usually not my custom to end off any reading (especially one that seems, at first glance, to be rather negative. REGARDLESS of what the tarot cards say— it is imperative to remember that you always have the ability to change the direction of things by changing your approach. Let’s pull one more clarifier for what YOU can do to improve the situation…

The Four of Wands. This card, in some decks, is literally depicting a wedding ceremony. It symbolizes celebrations and happy, unexpected events (sometimes indicates a pregnancy). This card is sort of like the “good news” card. How can you apply the principles of the Four of Wands to help improve your relationship?

  • celebrate life
  • show appreciation
  • reconnect with each other by revisiting the common interests that brought you together in the first place
  • seek peace and harmony – choose your battles

With that being said, I think that the cards are telling you that what HE needs to see in you is some positivity and optimism. Some of what’s going on with him may not even be related to you (I’m sensing some kind of family issues, but I could be wrong). The “present” position card warned you to be ready to face some conflict… but the Four of Wands reminds you that there are some things that can only be solved with love, forgiveness, patience and setting aside the more minor issues for a later time. You can work this thing out together— but you both have to really dedicate yourselves to the cause!

I hope this was helpful and would love to hear your thoughts about it!



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