101 Variations of the 3-Card Spread


  • Beginning, middle, end
  • Mind, body, soul
  • Past, present, future
  • Yesterday, today, tomorrow
  • Three choices
  • Yes, no, maybe 
  • Birth, life, death
  • Childhood, adolescence, adulthood
  • Unconscious, conscious, super-conscious
  • Idea, manifestation, process
  • Person, Place, Object
  • Desire, conflict, resolution
  • Illusion, disillusionment, new understanding
  • Idea, knowledge, action
  • Mother, father, child
  • One extreme, its opposite, the golden mean
  • Best case scenario, worst case scenario, probable outcome
  • Attraction, union, creation
  • Action, reaction, outcome
  • External obstacle, internal obstacle, goal
  • Self, partner, family
  • Ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph
  • Greatest strength, greatest weakness, driving passion
  • Desire, obstacle, resolution
  • Conflict’s nature, conflict’s source, next step
  • The beast, the mob, the guardian angel
  • Family, friends, self
  • Problem, first step towards solution, ultimate resolution
  • Red light, green light, yellow light (i.e. don’t do it, do it, take caution)
  • Conception, pregnancy, birth
  • Past self, present self, future self
  • Crisis, source of crisis, conclusion
  • Passion, reason, imagination
  • Knowledge, deceit, revelation
  • Drive, direction, destination
  • Enemies, traitors, allies
  • Real issue, next action, ultimate destination (hat tip to RedEarth)
  • Lies, hidden truth, truth
  • Self-deception, deception by others, first step to finding the truth
  • False issue, real issue, your role in it
  • Cause of despair, hidden strength, path to victory
  • Two possible outcomes from a change – Change, Outcome 1, Outcome 2
  • Pain, healing action, positive possibility
  • Pain, destructive action, negative possibility
  • Selfish action, consequences for others, possible reconciliation
  • Person 1, Person 2, the nature of their relationship
  • Gratitude spread: abundance, sources of love, silver linings
  • Emotion, source of emotion, next action
  • Higher principle, test, how to “pass” said test
  • Fear, current response, better response
  • Action, Feeling, Thought
  • Symbol, Principle, Fact
  • Beauty, Truth, Knowledge (in a situation, a person, etc.)
  • Nature, Nurture, Culture
  • Good, Evil, Reality
  • Self, family, tribe
  • Abiding passion, obstacle to this passion, a way around it
  • The Future in: a week, a year, five years
  • Work, Love, Leisure
  • Hidden strength, hidden shortcoming, hidden opportunity
  • What’s needed, what’s wanted, what differentiates them
  • Safety, Danger, Illusion
  • Outer Conflict, Inner Conflict, Their Relationship
  • Hidden Desire, Its Manifestation, Its Consequences
  • Need, Hidden Need, Action
  • Your Story, Their Story, How it looks to outsiders
  • Dream, Nightmare, Waking Life
  • Trauma, and two “incorrect” or shameful consequences
  • Trauma, and two paths to healing
  • Logic, Emotion, Intuition
  • Personal, Social, Political
  • A course of action, best outcome, worst outcome
  • Conception, Growth, Birth (of an idea, business, etc.)
  • An impending event, what you can’t control about it, what you can do about it
  • Three approaches: optimistic, pessimistic, practical
  • Meaninglessness, Order, Meaning
  • Male, Female, Androgynous (or union of both)
  • Body, Soul, Mind
  • Hell, Earth, Heaven
  • Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis
  • Situation, attitude, next action
  • Morning, Day, Evening
  • Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
  • What You Should Do, What You Will Do, What You Can Do Instead
  • Attraction, repulsion, indifference
  • Three Possibilities
  • Three Hidden Talents
  • Identity, Community, Purpose
  • Idea, Reality, Potential
  • Hate, Need, Love
  • What, Where, Why
  • What, Where, How
  • What’s Apparent, What’s Hidden, What Will Be Revealed
  • Triumph, Fall, Epiphany
  • Needs, Wants, Fears
  • Hidden talent, obvious talent, secret talent
  • What’s Practical, What’s Fantastical, What’s Possible
  • Creation, Care, Destruction
  • Birth, Death, Rebirth
  • Peace, Love, Understanding
  • Being, becoming, inevitability

(x) [Source is now gone though. I got it from callenfir.]


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