anonymous general reading

“General Readings” can be hard to do, especially over the internet. But, I received a request from someone I’ve done a reading for in the past.
I have drawn four cards, with no specific spread in mind. However, when I do freeform readings like this, I do consider the first card to indicate PAST influences, middle cards as PRESENT influences, and the final card as FUTURE related. So here we go…

1. Seven of Swords – When I started learning each card’s keywords and basic meanings, this card struck me right off the bat as a “thief” card. The imagery from many decks might explain why:



Some of the commonly accepted keywords: running away, deception, betrayal, trying to get away with something, a con artist, escapism.

I see this card as having several conceivable scenarios— most of which are not actually putting YOU in the position of the “thief”, but rather as the one who has been stolen from. 

The suit of Swords tells me that the theft is of a mental nature. Stealing of ideas. Has something or someone from your past perhaps deceived  you in a pretty big way? Have you been tricked, perhaps by a lover or a friend who turned out to be NOT the person you thought they were? Something I scribbled down in my tarot journal for this card: “Thief may also play the role of the protector”. Was someone who was supposed to protect you deceiving you, brainwashing you, convincing you to do something that would harm you? 

2. The Page of Cups

This Page is known as the “sweetest” Page. Pages can represent children— but they don’t have to. If this is representing a child in your life, he/she can be recognized by their innocent nature, their warmth and high levels of empathy. Acts of service, sweet little homemade gifts. 

(Art Nouveau Tarot )

When not actually representing a person, the Page of Cups can indicate a positive message from someone you love. Often, the message the Page of Cups brings is “I miss you”. 

As advice, the Page of Cups tells you to embrace your inner child and let her out to play! Try to take things less seriously— remember that living in constant states of worry and stress and seriousness will not add one day to our lifespan— but it could subtract some! It also tells you to reach out and show the people who are important to you that you love, appreciate and care for them. 

3. The Queen of Swords, Reversed

Even when upright, many people think of the Queen of Swords as the biggest BITCH of the tarot (pardon my french). I personally identify with her a little bit, possibly because I am an Aquarius and thus share her element (air). Upright, she is seen as rather cold-hearted where emotions are concerned, but she has an amazing MIND. 

When reversed, the sharp clarity of mind she’s known for becomes distorted. Emotions come in to play in ways she isn’t very good at dealing with. Her cold nature is sometimes magnified. She is mentally off balance, and she may even be using her mental skill in a negative way; manipulating, gossiping, vengeful, resentful. She may use brute intimidation as a means of navigating through the confusing waters of emotional conflicts.

Some specific messages she can bring: your memory of how things were with an ex may be inaccurate. 

You may be at risk of falling for an unsuitable partner at this time.

And, um, she can also denote a stressed parent, or a separated/divorced person who is getting consumed in hatred and resentment. 

4. Ace of Cups

As a future/outcome card, this is certainly a positive omen. It happens to be pretty much my favorite card, too. 🙂

I see Aces as “the potential for” whatever their suit is all about. Cups are about emotions, love, 

“Ace of Cups – This is what I would term agape love: Love in its purest form, a love that has no conditions placed upon it, the love that the creator feels for what it has created. How this love is translated into our manifested life depends on how we choose to work with it — and the different ways that we do are depicted in the rest of the Cups suit. However, the foundation of each card is always the Ace: It is what is available to us if we are willing and able to recover it.” –

This card speaks of a new energy coming into your life. Sometimes this is read as a new relationship forming, or the consummation of a union. It can also point to fertility. It advises you to pay attention to messages from dreams, and be aware that you are becoming more psychically open. You may undergo an amazing spiritual awakening! But to manifest this energy in your life, you must accept that emotion is NECESSARY to feel. The stuff you’re working through right now is emotionally taxing and downright painful at times… but be brave. Don’t turn to escapism to try and dull the pain. It is only through working through these emotions that we can finally experience self-acceptance, On the other side of those emotions lies transcendent love and happiness.


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