AstralAeon’s Relationship Problems Spread

Here’s a good spread for examining problematic relationships. This is a 3 pillar format, where Person A and Person B are examined in comparison, and combine to form the center pillar representing the relationship’s problems and resolutions.

This spread can be used to discern both personal and professional relationships. Both Major and Minor Arcana are used and, you may place anywhere from 3- 5 cards in each position, depending upon how detailed you wish to get. Beginners should stay with 1or 2 cards per position, until they are more proficient in reading card relationships.

hopes, ideals and objectives for the relationship.Compare both cards, looking carefully at the dignities. It is here where discordant energies often are revealed as unrealistic hopes, dreams, as well as general incompatibilities, and directions in life. 

Position 3: The root or nature of the problem, or the most troubling aspect (s) of the relationship is found in this position. It is here that the Reader may find what event, action, or feelings that compelled the client to seek help. I have found it often reveals a recent event, such as the “last straw.” When read in conjunction with the 2 previous card positions, one begins to see the energy dynamics of the relationship unfold.

Positions 4 & 5: In this position, we find the emotional components, as well as the baggage, and issues that Persons A & B bring with them into the relationship. These are the unresolved afflictions of the individuals- the buttons that are getting pushed by each other.

Position 6: How the problem manifests. Here is where the unresolved issues of both create the energy combination that breaks the couple apart or causes blockages that need to be resolved.

Position 7:This is the future outcome, or what can be expected of the relationship, if the couple does not take any action(s) to resolve their problems. It is read with careful consideration of all the previous cards.

Positions 8 & 9: These 2 cards reveal what action(s) the couple must take as individuals a to correct the problem and heal the relationship.

Position 10: This is the outcome of the relationship- the best that can be realized if the problems are resolved.

just tried this to look at a friendship and it was also very accurate. good for relationships of any type-romantic, friendship, colleagues, etc.


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