Card of the Day Spread

This spread is meant to help give daily insight. Typically people use one card of the day and use it as their outline, but this gives a little more depth to the first card. It is meant as a daily practice, but it can be used in serious readings, too. This is one of the spreads I offer in my daily divination.
Shuffle the deck as you normally would, cutting it if that’s what you do. Lay the cards face down in the order shown.

Card One (1) – Card For the day. This card is the one that will show important aspects of the day ahead.

Card Two (2) – Attend To This. This card shows personal issues that will/might require attention during the day. This could be anything from relationship matters, to money or security matters.

Card Three (3) – What To Look Out For. This can relate to feelings, desires, or reactions to situations that could arise. Keep your heart and mind, and eyes open to things that could occur that you may need to pay special attention to.

Spread © Tarot Bible.


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