a simple, ambiguous 2 card spread that’s good for general daily readings. this spread touches briefly on atmospheric or environmental themes and your position or situation.

1. what’s happening now, the present

2. what will happen next, the immediate future

other shit:

  • when interpreting ill-dignified (reversed) cards, i generally think of the card’s energy to be present, but at a low level. some examples of this include:
    ~ the energy has the potential to be present, but is being blocked or inhibited in some way
    ~ the energy has been present, but is gradually losing relevance
    ~ the energy is beginning to gain relevance
    ~ the energy is only present on a superficial or surface level
    ~ the energy is present, but it is detrimental to the situation
  • i recommend trusting gut feelings, intuition, and personal symbolism over external sources. by no means to i object to it; i reference traditional meanings with every single reading i do, but i my readings are always more personalized when i initially interpret them intuitively.

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