relationship dynamic spread for anon

Hey love, me again. There has been a bit of a bump today. I asked him a few questions as my gut is telling me to do so. Im not feeling comfortable at all…was wondering if you could do a 4 Card Relationship Dynamic spread …. or is it too soon as you just did a reading the other day. xx
Well, since we’re not technically asking the same question, just looking for further understanding, I’ll do a relationship dynamic spread for you on the situation. Here we go!

1. 4 of Wands

Just looking at the imagery on this card is very telling. The card is all about celebrations. This is a wedding card. In the context of romance, is an ESTABLISHED relationship this is a good omen that tells you that things are going very well, taking root so to speak. Being that this isn’t an established relationship and we’re looking at YOUR feelings TOWARD the two of you, the meaning changes a little. You are putting a great deal of effort into this thing. You have pretty serious intentions, too. You are pretty enthusiastic about it, possibly to the point of being blinded by love and not seeing reality very clearly. There is also a doorway on this card (traditionally) and that is a symbol for the whole concept of either getting IN or getting OUT of something. Being upright, I believe this is more about getting IN. This is your mindset.

2. The Lovers

The Lovers card was actually one of the hardest cards for me to learn and truly understand. It seems, at face value, like an obvious thing— love. But actually, it is more about duality and CHOICE than it is about the actual concept of love or romance. It is about black and white, male and female, day and night. Polarity. Decision making. Maybe this quote will make more sense:

“In a reading, The Lovers symbolizes the unification of opposites, the themes of liberation, avowal, and choice from one’s heart. It indicates the need to view all aspects of a situation. One must consider if what is seen is real or a projection in order to make an informed choice in any partnership, whether business or marriage. In committing to a choice one way or another, there is liberation from the bondage of indecision.” – [M. M. Meleen, The Book of Seshet]

To relate this to “his feelings toward the relationship”— I would say that he is at somewhat of a crossroads. He must make a choice, and he is considering things like what exactly it is he wants in a partner (and what he doesn’t). He may be evaluating patterns in his life and perhaps he’s trying to consciously choose a DIFFERENT path than the one he’s been on.
I’d suggest, if you want more insight into the Lovers card, that you read this page:

3. High Priestess, Rx

The reversed High Priestess is representing the general energy surrounding the situation. Lack of knowledge, ignoring intuition, not listening to advice, not sensing imminent danger, and fear of “going within” or searching your self are some things this card can mean. It can also suggest a distortion of female energy – lack of female friends, betrayal by a female, fertility problems, hormonal problems, etc. It can represent promiscuity, choosing to be single, and (god forbid) an unwanted sexual encounter. When she’s upright, the High Priestess is THE archetypal “strong woman” who holds great inner knowledge and insight into any situation. When she’s reversed, she represents not necessarily the opposite, but a definite distortion of her energy. 

4. 6 of Pentacles, Rx

As advice to you, we get a reversed pentacles card? Goodness me, this is a challenging situation for me to read! I’ll give it my best shot:
Okay, let’s be real here. Think about the concept of give and take. Why do we give? Hopefully, we give when our soul is stirred to do so; when we have something that a less fortunate soul needs and we feel good about parting with whatever it is for the good it will do the recipient. This type of giving expects nothing in return; it is altruistic and from the heart. However, when that concept becomes distorted, we may find that we are giving with alterior motives. This card represents a distortion in the give-and-take flow of life. You could be on the giving end, or you could be on the receiving end. Either way, there is a distortion here.
My advice to you, based on this card, is to make sure that you aren’t giving too much of yourself right now in hopes that you will win him over. Also, be wary of any “gifts” he may be giving you— remember that there may very well be hidden motives, or no motives at all but personal gain. In summary: be careful what you give and be careful what you take. If things are happening fast, call a time out for some self-questioning.

Overall, I’m going to say that you are looking at him through rose-colored glasses for sure. He is simply confused at this point in his life and is having trouble with making right choices. There’s stuff that hasn’t been revealed yet that is effecting everything. And the best advice for you is really to be careful. Don’t give your heart (or your body) away to someone you aren’t sure truly wants it or can take care of it in a long term sense.

Let me know what you think about the reading! I hope you’ve found it helpful…


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