Why The Hell Is This Happening Spread for Anon

Okay. For a lovely anonymous querent who has returned to me for another reading, I am going to be using Tarotgram’s “Why The Hell Is This Happening?” spread. Check out Tarotgram: http://tarotgram.tumblr.com/.

Card 1: The Crappy Situation
King of Wands, RX

A situation represented by the King of Wands, reversed is a situation marked by a huge distortion of passion. This is not to say that this King is polar opposite when reversed— but rather, all that he stands for upright is now distorted and here are the ways this distortion can manifest. One explanation that I am drawn to for your situation is the romantic description of this card: he’s got commitment issues. He hasn’t fully matured emotionally, and while things may start out great with him, as soon as the initial exciting phase has “passed” (or at least in his mind), the fire goes out and he’s gone. I’m always saying that court cards don’t necessarily represent an actual PERSON, but it does seem to fit here. Elementally speaking, the Knight of Wands is the “air of fire”. I remember from our previous reading that this person is an Aquarius— an air sign. Kings are associated with Air. Perhaps this King has found himself in the realm of fire (passions!) and due to his still incomplete maturation in life, he doesn’t know how to handle himself.

Card 2: What you CAN do about it
10 of Pentacles

Interesting— you also mentioned in our previous reading that you are an Earth sign, and this card is directed at you. The 10 of Pentacles, if incarnated into a wise old sage, would give you the following advice:

  • free yourself from conditioning
  • choose your battles wisely
  • look to family – literal family or whomever you consider family – for support, advice, comfort

“You are a product of your conditioning – free yourself from it. The comforts that you take for granted and the troubles and miseries that you allow to occupy your mind are all a play in which you follow the parts set out for you by your upbringing and society. Go beyond these limitations – walk through the Gate and look down at the little dramas of your daily life. Allow yourself to experience the wild vibrant universe existing in the very center of the ordinary – then return, destroy the negative in your house and re-establish your moral codes.” http://www.crystal-reflections.com/tarot2/rider/ten_p.htm

Card 3: What you CANNOT do about it
The Star

One thing the Star card can point to is a greater understanding of other people. It can also indicate making a choice based on the grass-is-always-greener mentality. These are things you cannot (should not?) do about it. The peace and serenity of knowing for a FACT that everything is going to turn out the way you wish it to… not something you can really reach at the present time. Here’s my opinion as to what it’s saying: you can wrack your brain until you make yourself sick over “what went wrong” or “what is he thinking”, but that’s not where you will find answers. Inner peace is something you need to strive for— I’m getting the sense that this is a rather urgent message, and that you might be really in need of consolation right now. Inner peace will not come from anywhere outside of you. You won’t find it by making any drastic decisions, or by plaguing yourself with those questions about his intentions.

Card 4: What’s the lesson behind this?
Ace of Pentacles

Oh wow. The lesson behind this is clear as day (to me at least- hopefully it will be to you as well). This is the Ace of your suit! Aces are the essence, energy and potential for the entire suit they fall in. The Ace of Pentacles tells you to take the middle path and to try to live by the Law of Attraction. This means that you must make a very conscious effort toward positive thinking. I know, you probably want to slap me and every one who tells you “think positively!” when you are feeling so down and troubled. See the exercise below that I just came up with.

Also, “staying grounded” is a lesson you must learn. This is a real test of your ability to be a strong, confident person who doesn’t need anyone else to survive.

Card 5: How is it gonna turn out?
King of Swords
My first thought: therapist. Sometimes the King of Swords (the King of Clarity) is seen as a therapist (or the action of seeking therapy).
This could also be a new person who fits the qualifications of being a King of Swords.
Clarity of mind. The ability to remain emotionally detached when need be. These are all things that you might be needing desperately in your life right now, and though this “outcome” isn’t pointing to everything with this particular person working out as you wish, it is definitely indicating that you are learning lessons that are designed to help you develop as a person.

Exercise: Try this. Sit quietly in a safe space that you feel very connected and at ease in. Make sure all your electronics (phone, computer, etc) are off or set on silent so nothing will bother you. Then, focus on clearing out the negative contents of your psyche. This can be kind of an emotional exercise. Name the worries/fears/sadnesses/anger/any other negative feelings you have about the situation aloud. Say them a couple of times if you need to. The purpose is to “summon them” up, because you’re gonna throw them in the fire in a minute. Speaking of fire, a candle is a good idea. Speak those negative things into the flame. Yell them. Imagine what it sounds like as they’re being scorched and shrivelling in that cleansing flame. Visualize this happening.
Step two to the exercise comes once you feel like you’ve “dumped” those negatives out of your psyche (at least for the time being). When you reach that point, look up at the ceiling and start to summon up/name positive things that you would like to have in your life. Things like: peace. Clarity. Understanding. Love. This is your list, so expand it. You need to take at least as much time on the positive part as you did on the negatives!

I wish you the best of luck and I sympathize with what you’re going through. I truly hope that whatever happens will set your mind at ease, and soon. 


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