Education Path Reading for (anon)


Education Path Reading for (anon)

Hi! I’d love a free tarot reading! I dunno if you do just a general reading or if I should give a specific question or subject but my question would be “I’m waiting on news about grad school acceptance. What does my path look like?”
— mrybths
The specific-ness of your question is actually EXTREMELY helpful – thanks for wording it so clearly! 🙂 Less for me to guess at.
I pulled three cards and let them speak for themselves.


1. Knight of Swords, Rx
This could pertain to someone or something in the past that has affected you and still may be affecting you now. Whether a person, an incident, or just a general energy surrounding the issue, this card speaks of mistakes made due to impatience, impulsivity and not taking the time to think things through. Swords represent mental clarity, so any Sword card in reverse is indicative of a distortion of that mental clarity. Not knowing anything about your life or any details of your situation, I’m going to say this represents one of two things:
a.) The mistakes you will make on your path are not going to be due to lack of ability or know-how, but rather a poor choice of timing. You might encounter an initial setback — if so, don’t give up! There is success waiting for you. Think about where you went wrong and re-apply.
b.) There is/was a destructive person influencing your path. This person is perpetually living life on the edge, going a hundred miles a minute, and chaos falls in their wake everywhere they go. Their advice may seem sensible at the time, because of the sheer force with which they present their ideas to you. Don’t listen to it. Steer clear of this type of energy.


2. The World
I can’t really even think of a BETTER card to appear in a reading about completing/furthering your education. Holy wow! This card is all about the completion of something after a huge amount of hard work. Success is a given. It speaks of a time when you’re finally legitimately ready to take all you’ve learned and take it out into the world with you.


3. Ace of Cups
… also a pretty great card. This card is all about new potential and a new energy, and it’s driving force is love. While it’s easy to apply this to a relationship question, it’s also not that hard to see how it fits in a career/education/life-path type of reading. I am so curious to know what you’re trying to go to school for, actually. It must be something you feel strongly about. This is talking about loving what you do, and governing all of your choices with love (as opposed to a more cold reasoning (Swords), firey passion (Wands), or the quest for expanding your physical plane/making the big bucks (Pentacles). *see PS*
In summary, this reading is quite positive. It’s letting you know about potential downfalls so that you can be sure to avoid them (card #1), assuring you that you will reach completion successfully (card #2), and instructing you on how to make your decisions (#3).
*PS: The Ace of Cups can also appear when you’re about to experience something rather mindblowing. Something that might change the way you look at the world, for the better. A powerful spiritual awakening. New psychic pathways opening up in you. Your intuitive side developing.*
Hope you found this helpful!
As always, I love to hear from people I read for post-reading! Let me know what you think!


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