Short Reading For Goatee The Cat

Short Reading For Goatee The Cat


This is for my dear friends, Brian and Becky, who asked for a general reading about the future of their beloved kitty, Goatee.
In Goatee’s past position, I drew the Six of Cups, which is a card that speaks of sweet feelings and childlike pleasures. Said to be one of the sweetest cards of the deck, the Six of Cups is also about nostalgia. Not sad memories, but those memories we’ll always hold near and dear to our hearts. What better card to appear than this for a much loved kitty?
The Six of Cups asks us to think back on all those happy times, and retain these memories forever. They are gifts from our past that just keep on giving.
Here’s something interesting: the Six of Cups also talks about karmic relationships with souls we’ve known in past lives. That “natural connection” we feel when we think those bonds. So innocent and playful. Goatee has been a dear friend! I wish I was able to meet Goatee.
“The past has brought you many rewarding experiences of love and success. Do not linger too long on what is past, and move forward with your achievements.”

In the present position, I drew the Heirophant. Now, Brian claims he doesn’t have a clue what Goatee’s astrological sign is, but I’m willing to wager he’s a Taurus. The Heirophant is sort of the “Pope” or religious figure in the deck. He represents traditional values and institutions. While Goatee’s parents aren’t church going folk, he could certainly be seen as a part of the traditions of domestic life, home and family. Now the real question is, has Goatee been trying to convey a message from a higher power? The Heirophant is a wise teacher, represented often by a guru or spiritual mentor. As a message, he tells us to be above all honest with ourselves and others, and to find a sense of purpose in our lives.
In the immediate future position, I drew the Empress, Reversed.
Well, sad to break the news folks, but Goatee isn’t going to be having any kittens any time soon. The Empress is a goddess of fertility and mothering. She’s quite a sexual being too, When reversed, we see a blockage or a distortion of her energy and she becomes lazy, wasteful, vacillating. Infertility, Goatee may face struggle fitting into a motherly/feminine role. He also will be prone to overindulgence and “letting himself go”, so don’t overfeed him. (Is Goatee even male? I should have asked that part I guess.)
Ok now for real one more card about what Brian needs to know about his kitty:

The Hermit


Well, I’m not sure how to apply the Hermit to a cat other than to say, he is entering a phase where he will want to be alone to ponder his life direction pretty soon. Let him take this time for introspection, but make sure he doesn’t literally run out a window or out the door in his quest for solitude.
Best wishes to Brian, Becky and Goatee!



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