General Life Focus Reading for My Anonymous Friend


General Life Focus Reading for My Anonymous Friend

The first card have pulled is a significator card based on your astrological sign, Virgo.
This card is The Hermit.
The purpose of the significator card here is this: if there is anything that doesn’t make sense in the reading at first glance, or you don’t know how to adapt it to your life, seek guidance in the Hermit’s energy as he rules your stars.
The Hermit can also be called “The Seeker”. Different decks portray The Hermit in different ways, but one thing is a constant: the Hermit is always alone. He represents introspection, contemplation, self-knowledge, intrapersonal awareness, and teaches us the benefits of solitude. He carries his own light, discerning his own path as he delves into the sometimes scary shadow aspect of the self, facing it head on. The Hermit has no “blind spots”, there is no flaw in himself that he is not aware of. Sometimes, the Hermit suggests withdrawing even to celibacy while questing for true self-awareness. He wants you to understand that being alone with your mind is okay– in fact, it is a very good practice to keep.

On with the reading.

1. Strength, Reversed

When upright, the Strength card is a card of feminine strength. It is the maiden who tames the lion with her soothing touch, instead of chopping off it’s head with a sword. It is patience, self-control, tact and compassion. When reversed, this does not necessarily indicate the OPPOSITE of the upright meaning — just a distortion of it. This card is telling us a little about some difficulties you may be encountering (or have encountered in the recent past, in a way that is effecting your present). With the Reversed Strength card, we see… feelings of helplessness. Powerlessness. Lack of self-discipline. A true or perceived weakness, a lack of inner strength. This is interesting in that it is linked straight to the Hermit, who is basically giving you the answer to this state of trouble. Go within and FIND that strength.

Some things that this card sometimes points to: running from a conflict rather than facing it. Failing at something for no other reason than a lack of confidence. Battling inner demons and being too controlled by passions and vices. Someone has perhaps been sucking the life out of you; depending on you too heavily for support.
Overall theme of this card: Erosion of confidence. This seems to be the issue…


2. Ace of Cups

… ah, but LOVE! The Ace of Cups is my favorite card. It embodies all of the characteristics of its suit in the form of full, unrealized energy. The Cups generally deal with all things emotional, and are represented by Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). The Ace of Cups is pure, unfiltered potential for transcendent love and happiness. It heralds the coming of changes in the realm of love (positive ones of course), suggesting intimacy paired with overwhelming emotion. If MDMA were a Tarot card, this would be it (sorry, couldn’t resist). It can be talking about an actual new relationship, the consummation of a union, or a dramatic revival of energy within an existing relationship. Or, it doesn’t have to be about relationships at all. Whatever brings you that sheer ecstasy, that will to live life to it’s fullest, that’s what is being offered here. All of the Ace cards in this deck show a giant hand in the sky offering something to the querent– this one has a dove sipping from an overflowing cup radiating with light, and a beautiful lotus flower below. There are also clouds– not particularly ominous ones, but nonetheless they hint at the possibility of having your “head in the clouds”.
The Ace of Cup’s message is basically… get ready. Use that Hermit energy to work on those issues in the Strength Reversed card. Stockpile some extra energy because something is about to swoop in on you…

3. Queen of Cups, Reversed

… or someone. Now, this is uncanny dude. I’ve never pulled two Queens, both reversed, side by side. Court cards are traditionally seen as actual people entering your life, but more modern views look at them as possibly just situations or attitudes that fit the description of these lovely ladies. Which is good, because you’ve got two bitches in your future (or present?) if we look at them as people.
The Queen of Cups, upright, is governed again by Water signs, and is basically the most beautiful creature you’ll ever come across. She’s also super-spiritual and may have some connection to the divine (psychic channels = open). When reversed, she’s not such a peach. She can be governed by her moods, which are erratic and hard to keep track of. She can be seen as a “career victim”, stuck in woe-is-me land. She can also be a serial dater, co-dependant and emotionally immature.
The message of the Reversed Queen of Cups is pretty basic: don’t engage with emotionally manipulative people.
And also, avoid drinking or using drugs when emotional.
Return to that Hermit and ask yourself, is this you? Is the card warning you against your own shadow side?

4. Queen of Swords, Reversed

Red flag red flag.

Upright, the Queen of Swords is kind of kickass. She’s intellectually sharp as her sword. Mental clarity is her forte. Reversed, her skills are obstructed and distorted. She becomes the bitchiest card in the Tarot. As an actual person– this card often points to an overly stressed parent (probably mother) figure who does not want to be in a relationship and does not want the responsibilities that have been placed upon her. This can also indicate a person who is divorced or separated and is in a state of being totally consumed with resentment and rage. She takes the mental skills she harbors in the upright position and uses them against you. Mind games are totally her playing field.

Okay– so what if this “bitch” is not a real person, but is describing another aspect of your life?
One thing she can be telling you is to take your meds. I don’t know if this resonates with you or not.
Another thing she can be pointing to is clerical errors that are definitely not in your favor. Swords cards usually deal with communication and clarity, which can translate into mail (particularly electronic correspondences since their essence is very swift moving).

One last possible message (again– I have no clue if this resonates with you or not) is that your memory of how things were with an ex is not realistic.

Overall, this card is strongly warning you to not sacrifice your clarity of mind. If this sounds like a person in your life, guard yourself against their energy. I am thinking though that it is more of a warning, telling you to pay attention, be clear-headed, and do not let mistakes go unnoticed.

So. Wrapping things up. We have first the Strength card reversed, which is pointing out what needs to be worked on. We have this incredible potential for mind blowing love, sex, passion, even a spiritual awakening being handed to you. Then we have these two warning witches reminding you to stay in control of your emotions, stop letting anyone emotionally drain you, and also to protect the sanctity of your own mental focus.
Focus. Shift your attention back to the Hermit. What is the Hermit focusing on?

I couldn’t help it, I drew one more card just for clarification.


Nine of Cups.

The Wish card. Perserverence. Don’t give up, don’t even be discouraged- you’re standing on the precipice of some powerfully positive stuff right now. Something you are wishing for is going to happen– it’s just going to require that you finish up this bit of work thats left to be done, and then, manifestation.




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