L is For Love – Thematic Tarot

Card 1 represents the client or yourself. This is where you/they are at with regards to the love sector. In this sample spread what we see is that the client, in this case, is feeling a bit of impatience where love is concerned. Perhaps she has played the field and done her fair share of dating and is ready to settle down. The 7 of Pentacles when reversed, for me, signifies someone who has a hard time waiting for the seeds that are planted to take root and poke through the Earth. A little temperance and meditation might help to ground this restless energy so it doesn’t get in the way of organic evolution. 

Card 2 represents the other person and where they are at in regards to the love sector. In this case with the Empress, reversed I would venture that there may be a lack of wanting to nurture a relationship or another person. Perhaps they are interested but not necessarily looking for the responsibilty of a commited, long term relationship. 

Card 3 shows us how you or the client perceives this particular relationship. In this case the 2 of Wands tells me that my client views this relationship as an opportunity for the partnership that she has always wanted. Though the crystal ball suggests that the future is very much up in the air and not yet fully formed there is a sense of optimism and hope associated with this card when it shows in any reading, but particularly with regards to love matters. 

Card 4 gives us an idea of the other person’s perception of the relationship. In this case when I see the Magician in a love reading there is a sense that this is someone who can make something out of nothing but there is a bit of a trickster energy associated with this card as well. This is a highly communicative card so I would advise my client that communication seems to be one of the tools he uses to capture interest. I would likely also warn he wants what he wants when he wants it and that sort of attitude can sometimes lead to a fast and furious start and an equally fast and furious ending. The Magician is not afraid of bending the world to suit his vision and because of this she should be careful to not just listen to what he says or take his initial passion as a sign of permanence but rather see how well he matches action to words over a period of time. 

Card 5 tells us how to bridge the gap between how each person sees the relationship or more simply it’s the advice of the reading. In this case the Page of Rods in a love reading tells me that right now my client should be having fun with this relationship. Sometimes, especially in light of her impatience for a relationship and very hopeful initial perception of the potential, we can forget to have fun and enjoy the journey. Instead we can get caught up on the “where is this going” merry-go-round which is the kiss of death of any relationship. The Page of Rods says to explore the connection with passion and zest and just have fun with things as they are instead of worrying or posturing about where they are going. Don’t invest a great deal too soon and allow there to be no expectation. 

Card 6 gives us a clue as to the direction the relationship will take and the Knight of Cups is a very hopeful turn around for a reading that didn’t necessarily show much long term interest for the other person involved here. Though this card signals emotional attachment and connection the Knight still has a bit of that self-serving, even immature attitude, we find in the Magician. I would caution my client that while there are signs that he will develop a connection emotionally it’s still going to be something that requires a long term investment to get him to a more mature or stable emotionality.  

At this point you would give an overall summation to the tone of the reading to wrap things up!

 The great thing about this and most spreads is that you can modify it per your personal situation. Tinker a bit with the placement, the shape or however else you see fit. The more personal that you make it the more effective, for you and your clients, it will be!

– See more at: http://janetboyer.typepad.com/thematictarot/2014/04/l-is-for-love.html#sthash.BEmNOgrJ.dpuf

L is For Love – Thematic Tarot


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