Prospective Love Mini-Reading

Hello love! I don’t know if you remember doing a reading for me a while back, but it was so spot on and awesome I’d love to get another from you now that some circumstances have changed. I’m curious if this new guy I’m investing time getting to know is a good or bad person to be involved with. Some of his habits concern me a little but I do really like him and he seems to care about me , I’m being cautious. Any insight from you would be amazing đŸ™‚

Hiya! Sure I’ll do a quick snapshot reading. What you need to know about this person…

1. Queen of Cups, RX
The reversed Queen of Cups in love is sort of a troubling character. Disregard the gender association (Queen doesn’t have to equal female). Some of the personality traits associated with this personality in a romantic/relationship sense would be co-dependency, serial dating, passive-aggressiveness, a “career victim” mentality, moodiness and irritability. This card warns against falling into his person’s destructive energy— they tend to hurt people (knowingly or unknowingly) on their pursuits their poorly planned flights of fancy.

2. Six of Pentacles
This card is usually associated with generosity, welfare, and the concept of give-and-take. However, in a romantic reading, the give-and-take aspect is brought into sharp focus. There is a possibility of major power imbalances here— possibly involving money or material possessions. I want to say that this person might be the type who, at his worst, could be very controlling. Not necessarily to the the point of being abusive— but unhealthy nonetheless.

3. The Empress
Unlike what I said before regarding gender being irrelevant with the Queen of Cups, gender comes into play here with the Empress card in that it represents a very maternal, feminine energy. It is also a card of fertility and creation— and if each card were to carry on it a “yes” or “no” answer, I believe the Empress’s answer would be yes— go for it, with much caution. Be particulary careful if this will be a sexual relationship, because this card is so deeply connected with fertility and pregnancy!
Hope this helps!


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