The Ace of Cups: The Potential For… Love


The Ace of Cups: The Potential For… Love

The first card I want to write about here is my personal favorite, the Ace of Cups.
What it means to me
It’s hard to pinpoint just why I am so drawn to this card. I first fell in love with it when I got my Morgan-Greer deck and saw this:


There is something about the colors, the symbolic imagery and just the general energy it gives off that I find very appealing and meaningful.
Lately, I’ve been becoming borderline obsessed with Lotus flowers. I’m not even sure if I’ve ever SEEN a Lotus flower in person, but I’ve scoured the internet for images of them time and time again. I’ve been trying to learn to draw a basic lotus flower (I have no drawing skills) and this is my current best drawing:


One thing I love about the Morgan-Greer deck is that all of the Ace cards depict a giant hand in the sky, holding (or offering) the symbol of their respective suits. With the Ace of Cups, I see it like the “hand of god”, offering an opportunity for EMOTIONAL HEALING.

The water overflows, but it’s okay. It’s not messy, it’s not ruining things around it… the water is simply running into more water. To me, this has a deep significance.

I think of my own tears. My own journey to emotional healing. They always feel so messy and damaging to everyone and everything around me, so… I isolate. I fear crying in front of anyone, and since it happens a lot, I don’t get out much.
What it means in a more general sense

The Aces, in my opinion, can be explained with a very simple formula. Starting with the phrase: “The potential for…” and then inserting whatever words are associated with the suit. For Cups, the first word that comes to mind is love, but the Cups in general aren’t JUST about love. They are about emotions– whatever you feel strongly about. FEEL being a keyword here. (Just to illustrate using some contrast– Swords are about the mental realm and would be about what you THINK, and so on.)

It’s been said that the Major Arcana cards speak of overall surrounding energies of a situation. Minors talk about daily life issues. Court cards are tricky and not always agreed upon amongst tarot readers, but have traditionally been seen as actual people in the querents life. And the Aces… well, I see them as pure and unadulterated potential.


  • beginnings
  • love
  • joy
  • beauty
  • feelings
  • intuition
  • compassion


  • Dove – purity, ascension, hope
  • Water – emotion, subconscious, birth/rebirth (feminine?)
  • Lotus flower – ascension, unfolding of something beautiful, beauty in the midst of murky waters, every part of it has a use
  • 5 streams pouring out of the cup – the five senses


  • Use LOVE to govern your decisions.
  • Solve problems using compassion, love and mercy.
  • Listen to your heart – pay attention to what it is really trying to say. Messages from dreams may come to you at this time– don’t disregard them. Identify your heart’s unment needs if you are struggling at this time.
  • Be open and take a stance of total non-judgement. You may be on the brink of a spiritual awakening, which could be making you feel a little weird.
  • Allow yourself to FEEL. Though not every emotion is fun, stifling them will only lead to blockage and an eventual explosion which could hurt you or others. Work on acceptance of yourself and the things you feel!


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One comment

  1. nicolovetro · October 27, 2014

    That really is an exceptional ace of cups card, beautiful! Will have to check out the Morgan Greer deck.
    Lotus flower is my favorite flower too! Had never seen one in person till 5 years ago while visiting Shanghai. Apparently temperatures must be nearly 90° F for two weeks for them to bloom. Seeing the flowers in person was profound for me. My business logo is now a lotus flower.

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