10 Things About Me – Tarot Style

10 Things About Me – Tarot Style

Trying a little exercise that just popped into my head. I’m gonna draw 10 cards, one at a time, and for each card I will tell you something about me that it reflects.



1. 6 of Wands


Okay, well, I wasn’t going to delve into this one so bluntly, but I guess the cards have a different idea. I had a very bizarre “15 Minutes of Fame” experience that landed me in the local news when I was falsely accused of a pretty serious crime. It was summer of 2012, and it took almost a year and a half for my name to finally be cleared. When it was, I did one newspaper article with a local reporter and got to share my story on being wrongfully accused/imprisoned. Yep.


2. Queen of Pentacles


I was once married. I got married at age 19 and had no idea what I was doing. I managed to be a “domestic goddess” (a poor one but one nonetheless) for about four years before it got so bad that I left. Leaving was one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life…


3. 8 of Cups


… I think that it’s just as big of an accomplishment to say “I left an abusive marriage” as it is to say “I got married”.


4. 4 of Swords


I currently am struggling with insomnia and night terrors. Wow, this is a really negative exercise (lol). I sleep pretty much every other night. That’s terrible and I know it’s making me feel like shit all the time but I’m having a really hard time fighting it.


5. Page of Pentacles


I learn by doing. Totally.


6. The Star


Well, the Star is my birth card, being that I am an Aquarius. Also, I have endured The Tower and have learned countless lessons. While I wish the painful things that happened didn’t have to happen at all, I can honestly say that my entire world-view has shifted to a place of much higher consciousness.


7. 3 of Wands


I read a quote that was being associated with this card and it resonated like a freakin’ gong. “You travel farther in your own mind than most people ever do in reality…”
I am at a point in my life where all of the old structures have been obliterated and a new beginning isn’t even a matter of choice anymore— it’s happening. I am trying to stay grounded and focus on the future, utilizing big-idea thinking rather than getting hung up on every snag along the way. In a lot of ways the three of Wands describes where I’m “at” right now.


8. The Hanged Man


Ohgod. Okay. Confession: The Hanged Man card sometimes makes me get very emotional. Returning to item #1 on this list, I have spent a lot of time in LIMBO. My fate was in the hands of outside forces for quite a while and there was quite literally nothing that I could do but wait. “Once you have been the Hanged Man, you never see things the same.”


9. Knight of Cups


I have always wondered if I simply “love” harder than other people do. Every past relationship has ended badly and several were due to my over-the-top NEED to be constantly reminded that I am loved. It gets annoying after awhile. After breakups, I’ve always been the girl who’s still crying herself to sleep over it a year later.


10. 5 of Pentacles


Unreal. I don’t even want to go there and talk about this again— but here’s a link to my personal 5 of Pentacles experience, if you wish to read it: http://asoulajar.tumblr.com/post/64315872538/the-five-of-pentacles-the-tragic-story-of-my-last


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