baskingsunflower asked:

the conversation reading. basically i am on a fixed income. theres a family reunion this july, and in exchange for helping me to have a place to stay at the relatives, stepmom wants me to pay her back as much as i can save (she already sent them a check for $100) ive all got advice to talk to my dad and not her. also im starting school this summer and need the $. afraid dad will side w/stepmom


So I’ve done a four card difficult conversation spread reading for you. 

Card 1: Queen of Wands

This seems fairly straightforward. You are to approach this conversation with the firey energy of the Queen of Wands. Think about how she would approach it. The Queen of Wands is very charismatic and charming, and is great at getting others to listen and take her side because she speaks with such conviction. Whereas the other Queens in the deck would approach it differently (for example, the Queen of Cups would appeal to the emotions and give a lengthy sob story, the Queen of Swords would present them with the facts and would lack “tact”, the Queen of Pentacles would probably make them promises and establish a “repayment plan”)— this one is just a naturally good communicator, to the point of being almost overwhelming. She doesn’t get told “no” very often.

Card 2: The Magician 

As your card to focus the conversation, you have the Magician— once again, this makes sense because the Magician is a card that deals with the flow of power, mastery and manifestation. The Magician is really just a generally awesome energy card for any situation. The Magician channels the energy to wherever he/she wishes it to go through their skills of communication, articulation, and the spreading of conscious awareness. I take this to mean to you need to focus the conversation on communicating in a way that you know deep down will convince them of your need (without bringing up any controversial topics which might make them feel a little less generous and open to hearing what you have to say). The Magician has the wisdom, skill and power to “sell” their ideas and make things happen, so meditate on the Magician’s energy, BECOME the Magician so to speak, and generate a good “conversational outline” that way.

Card 3: 5 of Swords

So the 5 of Swords is telling you what NOT to discuss, and this card speaks pretty clearly in this position: don’t rush headlong into a poorly thought-out monologue full of woe-is-me sentimentality and defensiveness. Avoid getting sucked into the anger trap, and don’t come at them in a way that disrespects them. 

Card 4: 4 of Wands

The Four of Wands as an outcome sounds pretty good to me! It is a family and community card and has lots of positive connotations such as celebrations and even a homecoming (crazy how that came up about a family reunion… some decks actually portray the celebration on the card as just that!). It’s definitely a “yes” card and assures success is on the horizon. 


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