Tarot Study Time: Future?

I’ve been getting a little bored with my daily three-card draws.
I’m seeing the same few cards– which are mostly good (the 6 of Wands seems to be my stalker card right now), but I’m really getting tired of looking at them to be honest.
I do the daily draws more as a launch into my daily “study session”. Yes, I do that. Tarot nerd alert. I will draw three cards, record them, and then pick on of the cards that I don’t feel I have the best understanding/grasp of and then pull out the books/start the search engines. I’m working now on re-writing my tarot card meanings journal to include even more information on each card, and am trying to get every single page of it FILLED. Anyway, getting the same cards every day makes that a little frustrating.
Today I decided to actually just ask the deck some questions as I was shuffling.
“What do I need to do to prepare for whatever is coming up in my near future?” I ask.
The Heirophant.

My initial thoughts on this: talk to dad. My dad is a minister, so he’s a good person to talk to about matters of faith and prayer. I also thought maybe it’s telling me to go to church– the Heirophant card talks a lot about institutions and communities based around faith.
“What should I know about what’s actually coming in the near future?”
Page of Pentacles.

Initial thoughts: Oh, good news about money might be coming. Perhaps my claim will finally be accepted, or perhaps it’s going to be time to take it to court. Pages also make me think of the ushering in of a new season, and Spring is finally starting to show up around here.
“What should I know about my future down the road?”
5 of Swords.

Crap. Painful mistakes, regret. Mental defeat.
“Can I have a little more clarification on that?”
8 of Swords.

I call it the “PTSD Card”. Being crippled by your own mind. Paralysis and restriction, but from within. Not seeing the way out, even though there is a way out.
“What can I do to avoid or change the course of my long-term future?”
Queen of Pentacles.

I see I need to brush up on my Queen of Pents knowledge, but I now offhand that she represents a “domestic goddess” type of figure. She is very balanced… and the fact that her suit is Pentacles (Earth) suggests to me that perhaps I should really try to push myself to balance all of the elements in my life.




I live in a storm right now, basically, and that storm is happening in the realm of Air and Water. I am on a boat in the middle of the ocean and the wind has kicked up. I am very ungrounded, and have become so lost in my Cups and obsessive about my Swords that I’m not tending to my Coins, and my Wands are all but non-existent.


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