A One-Card Reading for Anon – Dreams

For your mini-reading, I am going to use the Dragon Deck. I have taken out all cards associated with your element (Water) and will be drawing ONE card from them.

The Moon

The Moon card directly ties into dreams, and uncertainty. It speaks of disturbances in sleep cycles, amongst other cycles of nature. It can also point to hallucinations and nightmares.

The card has some rich symbolism on it. The scene is set at night and (of course) a full moon shines brightly in the sky. There is a stream of murky-looking water running between two tower-like structures. There are barking dogs in most decks which are trying to alert the querent to something hidden. The moon shining down on the murky water illuminates what’s hiding beneath the surface. Most decks also feature a crab or lobster crawling out of the murk, which is said to symbolize psychic forces at work.

As it relates to your dreams, this card is suggesting that you are indeed running into some unclear and possibly dark stuff that is manifesting in your dreams. It DOES advise you to listen to your dreams and to be alert and sharp-minded— but it also warns against allowing them to pull you into the darkness of fear and depression.


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