Four of Cups Reversed in Love

Hi there, if you’re still doing free readings I’d like one. I’m not sure how to feel about my love life, there’s someone I’m interested in but I don’t feel happy about it. I feel like there’s something missing in me and I don’t feel ready for a relationship. I’m kind of disappointed cause things look great on the surface with this person but deep down it all feels wrong like I want to let it go and move on. I’m not sure what to think/do. I guess I’d like any insight into my love life. Thanks. 🙂
Well, here’s what I drew.

The Four of Cups, Reversed

… Well. That’s interesting. I don’t even know why it surprises me so much still when I focus on a question and draw a card that seems to be SO fitting to the situation…
Here’s what I have in my tarot journal about the Four of Cups Reversed in the context of a relationship. This is info I’ve noted from TONS of different books, blogs, etc.

  • – leaving a relationship because it’s boring you.
  • – looking for someone who makes you feel more “alive”.
  • – the realization that a relationship is not working.

Yeah. Sounds kind of grim. But, there’s another potential meaning that isn’t so negative, and that is taking some time away from the relationship and returning to it with a new dedication and vigor. Shaking things up in the relationship and seeing positive consequences.

The real issue this card is about is a distortion of the spectrum of interest to boredom. In less relationship-specific terms, the card definitely points to a stubborn individual (the querent) who is struggling in the emotional realm of feeling satisfied with their situation. The Cups encompass love and romance along with feelings and emotion, which seems to really fit the situation you’ve described in your question.

As far as advice or insight goes, I would say that the card is asking you to pay attention to this aspect of yourself. Are you, perhaps, someone who gets bored easily with things? Are you ever described as “strong-willed, to say the least”? Consider the attributes of the Four of Cups reversed and try to determine if they apply to you. Is this something you might need to work on?

I’m gonna say that while you should trust your instincts, it might be time to try a little distance. Whether this be an actual separation or just retreating a bit from the relationship (tell him you need some alone time), and then you will be able to better guage how you truly feel about the situation. I’d also suggest something that I did that changed my dating life forever— write up a “non-negotiables” list. Decide what traits/characteristics you absolutely REQUIRE in a partner, and which ones you want nothing to do with. Measure him up to that list.

Hope this was helpful!


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