Follow-Up: A Clarifier Card (for the last reading)

What does anonymous need to change to attain their ideal state?

Six of Wands

This is a very positive card that talks about success, acclaim, victory, pride. Sometimes it points to graduation— literal or a graduation from one stage to the next. The card depicts a man on a horse, looking like he’s come home victorious from battle. He has a success wreath on one of the wands.

  • guard against becoming egotistical in any way!
  • don’t allow negativity to mess up a good thing
  • trust your instincts about people
  • share your thoughts and feelings and do not bottle them up inside
  • try to expand your focus from being on yourself and your achievements, to being more group conscious and global
  • be wary of how much trust you put into others who seem to be “building you up” right now, because they will just as easily tear you down

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