Mini-Reading on Worries

Anonymous asks: 

Hi can I have a reading? I’ve been worried about a few different, yet related things for awhile now. While I know these things are unlikely to happen, there’s still a part of me always worried. Can I have a reading about that I suppose? Also can this be private? Thanks! (let me know if you need more details!)

Ok, so the first card I drew for you is the Strength card.

As far as basic meanings are concerned, this card symbolizes not just being STRONG, but a more specific type of strength. It’s often referred to as being an archetypically feminine strength.

Whereas some cards, like the Kings and Knights, utilize the brute force of their suit/element and take charge in a very aggressive, warrior-like way, the Strength card utilizes the quiet, calm but firm strength from within that it takes to tame a wild beast. The figure in the card on my deck (Morgan-Greer) is a woman taming a lion. She’s looking down at the lion, who looks like he’s just been flipping out but is being lulled into tranquility by her strong but soothing touch.

This card speaks of the type of strength that comes through courage, patience and compassion. It brings about peace and healing, as opposed to winning for the sake of winning (or some other tangible reward). Another important aspect of this card is that unlike the warriors marching into battle scenario often associated with “strength”, this is a battle you are fighting alone. There are no spectators, and your efforts may go largely unnoticed. This card advises you to be brave— feel the fear and face it anyway, avoid the intrusion of lower emotions like anger and bitterness, guide all decisions with calm reason that comes from nowhere but within you. 

As a side note— the Strength card sometimes comes up in the context of a relationship where two people have been brought together by a tragedy. It can also suggest a cycle of making the same mistakes in relationships over and over again, but failing to learn the lessons. It advises you to break that cycle using your inner strength.

The second card I pulled for you is the “wish” card, the 9 of Cups.

This is a generally happy card. In the suit of Cups, it’s element is water and it’s realm is the emotions and love. It represents wishes being granted, happiness and fulfillment, celebration, laughter, sensuality, and sometimes overindulgence. It suggest that your the things you are currently worried about will soon melt away, and something very happy will fill in that space.

One thing to be noted, however, is that this card often indicates the need for something to happen FIRST before you can reach this state of wishes-came-true. It instructs you to remain in balance and moderation, be grateful always, and be present in the moment.

Like many of the Cups cards, it advises you of the importance of mastering your emotions.

In a relationship context, it is a good omen, and it tells you to focus on fun, happy activities, sweetness, and sharing happy times. It can also sometimes mean that the querent is feeling quite happy being alone, if they are not in a relationship.

It indicates, in both scenarios, that you are (or will soon be) at a happy plateau where you aren’t (won’t be) looking to change things around. It’s not the time to think about taking things to the next level or making any drastic changes (aside from that initial change that needs to happen in order to bring about this card’s energy).

If you’d like me to pull one more clarifier card about what it is that needs to change, or if you have a specific question about any of what came up, just send me an ask and I’ll draw another card for you.

Hope this helps!


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