A Spread For When Something Really Bad Happens


Okay, so today I found out some really upsetting news. It’s a situation I don’t have much control of, but am going to probably have to live with for quite a while…

So I shuffled my cards, asking these questions aloud…

“What is the essence of the situation?”
The Hermit.
Of course. I get it. It’s a situation where I am being forced to retreat into myself for awhile. The Hermit’s wisdom really is the most helpful of all of the cards in dealing with my current situation.
“Where can I find some peace?”
The Ace of Pentacles.
Any Ace is definitely a good place to look for peace. Aces are like a breathe of NEW air. They represent pure potential of their suit, and Pentacles (money, health and home) is certainly a good kind of new potential to look toward. Some might look at this card and say, oh, so you’re going to get some money. I don’t see it that way exclusively– there are so many more things it could mean. I’m expecting a “gift” in the mail from a friend, and I think it might be his published book of poetry. I’ve been waiting on that for a while. Perhaps I will receive that and will find some hope and peace within it’s pages. Perhaps I will get opportunities to do a few paid readings… that would sure be nice since my bank account is just about to overdraw me with fees (haven’t been able to even keep $7 in there this month). Pentacles also refer to health, and that’s actually the main focus of my problem right now. Perhaps I should use this time to try to take care of myself better and in doing so will help ease the pain of what I’ll be faced with.
“What will not help me at all?
9 of Wands.
Funny how this card is coming up a lot. I did an exercise the other day called “calibrating the deck”, and it involved going through the deck and placing the cards into three piles: one pile of cards I am very familiar and confident with, another pile of cards I semi-know but want to study further and the last pile were cards I couldn’t say I remembered even their meanings without looking them up. This was one of the three in that last pile.
Defensiveness. Pushing the issue. Get fired up. Fight fight fight.

That makes a lot of sense. The more of a defensive, aggressive stance I take, the less anyone is going to listen to me. I need to stay calm…


“If I CAN change the situation, how?”

The Queen of Swords.
Wow, just as the 9 of Wands is telling me fighting isn’t helpful right now, The Queen of Swords is basically the Queen of clear, logical reasoning skills and her communication is not muddied by emotion. She IS clarity– of mind and speech.


One comment

  1. J.J. · May 19, 2014

    Love this spread and this reading. It was SO well timed, so thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about your news. 😦

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