You know when someone or something really gets on your nerves? Even if you wanted to let it go, it seems to just stick in your gears…maybe you could go leave anonymous hate for them or spend endless hours complaining about whatever bothers you.

Or maybe you could build a bridge and get over it.

Card One is for what is bothering you in the first place. “But Jasie, I already know what’s bothering me. THEIR FACE BOTHERS ME.” you might say. Well, what about their face? What is it you’re really annoyed by?

Card Two is why that bothers you. Of the first two cards, I’d argue this is the more important one.

Card Three takes the cake, however — it tells you how to get over it and move on. It might be an action to take or a different point of view to consider, but following the advice of this card should help you figure out how to let it go and get over it.

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