a three card story

a three card story

Growing bored with daily draws and having no requests for readings lately, I’ve been doing some kind of fun exercises to work on getting my writing skills back up to par and incorporating my tarot studies into this process.

I’ve really enjoyed doing this before, so I decided to write another piece of short fiction based on the THREE cards I pulled today.

This is a kind of long read, but I hope someone likes it, or at least is inspired to try this exercise themselves. Also, I’d be REALLY interested in what YOUR fictional story would be, based on the same cards.

So, enjoy!

4 of Cups, 8 of Cups, 6 of Swords

You have sat under that self-pity tree for long enough, brother, and people are starting to worry that your ass might be growing roots itself.

You’ve been in a funk for a long time now. It all seemed to begin when your birthday came around in July. There was something you really needed and had hoped that your family and friends would get for you… I mean, it was well within their means, and so far outside of yours… and you just felt kind of like no one in your life pays any attention to you. These feelings you’re having make you feel uncomfortable though. You’re not normally an ungrateful person, but you feel like one lately. You’re noticing a growing bitterness and resentment inside yourself and it begins to scare you.


Rider Waite based

You really, really hate yourself right now.



Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Hanson-Roberts Tarot


One day you wake up and decide you just can’t do this anymore. Something’s gotta change. Despite your remarkably low level of energy and motivation, you’re starting to feel desperate. You are truly sick and tired of being sick and tired. After a tearful soul-searching session, you decide to get up.
You may not be exactly HOPEFUL about the future, but you’re absolutely sick of the present situation.
So you walk…

Sun and Moon Deck

Sun and Moon Deck

… down to the pier. It’s been a while since you’ve been here. It’s certainly not how you remember it from childhood. There’s a group of people who look to be around your age or a little older. You slow down a bit, stalling– should you go further down and risk a forced social interaction with these strangers? Should you turn around and go back up?
A breeze blows and creates a lovely ripple in the water. You hear some of the group marvelling, “oohs” and “aahs”. It really is beautiful. Aw, what the hell. Maybe this is the catalyst for the change you need in your life.

You continue walking down the path. By now, the group has noticed you. They’ve looked you over a bit (you try not to notice) and call out to you. “It’s a great view down here!” a woman shouts up to you, scooting over to provide a nice spot for you to sit in.
You nod and approach.

Sitting with these folks is certainly interesting. They’re very spiritually in tuned– something you’ve really been missing in your life. All of their conversations seem to be about things you are interested in. There are a few psychics in the group. Could be a perfect group of new friends…

… only problem is that they seem to have some drug and alcohol problems. You’ve never had these issues, so it takes you a little while to catch on. The beer runs they send you on aren’t just some kind of friendly initiation into their group; it’s because most of them aren’t allowed into the package stores in town.

The more time passes with these folks, the more you feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.
Your psychological state hasn’t really changed for the better– in fact you’re starting to feel as though nothing can help you. Nothing in the material realm seems to have any affect on you.


You have met someone else though– this is important to mention. This person is NOT from the group you’ve been hanging with, in fact, they USED to chill with those folks but ended up having a really bad experience with them that she doesn’t really want to talk about yet. She just tells you that hanging out with these folks is really, REALLY not a good idea.

The thing about her is, she has this way with words, and she’s so passionate. She seems very grounded. Perhaps the most grounded person in your life at the time being. Yeah, you may have a little crush on her… but you’re sincerely more interested in her mind.

Her advice to you always makes a lot of sense. She seems to really know what she’s talking about. She’s the first person whose ever sat down with you and acted almost like a life-coach. She’s helped you when you’ve come to her asking for help and advice… she even mapped out a diagram of your life, and all of the places where you’ve “sprung leaks” and energy is being wasted and never replenished. She explains to you that certain aspects of your life, such as your dysfunctional family and unhealthy friendships, are sucking you dry and the fact that these things don’t ever even offer you ANY reward mean that they are going to just keep sucking away at you and the depression will just never lift. She tells you that you need to be strong, change things, be assertive and open-minded…
She also suggests that maybe you need to just GO.
Not “run away from your problems”, but perhaps write a letter to your family, letting you know you love and support them but you need to take some time for yourself right now.

You ponder her advice that night as you toss and turn.
You know deep down that everything she’s saying is right…
You drift off into thought, envisioning somewhere far away where you can remain close to nature but remove all of these stressors from your life, at least temporarily. You fall off to sleep and dream about a cruise.

The next morning, you meet up with your new friend and confidant.
She has an interesting proposition.

“Now I know this might sound totally crazy,” she starts. Your pulse quickens; you enjoy her kind of crazy.

“But… I have gotten an opportunity to actually make a trip overseas. A friend I made in Burma years back has requested I come to a large spiritual gathering, and has asked if I will lead a portion of the gathering.” She pauses, assessing your face for a reaction.

You are struck still. You hadn’t even remembered the dream you had until just now.
“Go on,” you say.

“Well look. I’ve got two tickets and I only need one. There’s no one else I’d really trust to take along with me, or even anyone else I can think of who might WANT to, and I was just thinking, after our talk yesterday… maybe you would…”

“Go along with you?” you ask, trying to mask excitement.

She nods.


“Would I owe you? For the ticket?” you ask.

“No. It was given to me for free and I don’t believe in selling free gifts,” she chuckles nervously. You sense this may have been the essence of what went wrong between her and those friends. Ahh, yes, of course. It makes sense. They must have used her spiritually in some way that made her feel really bad about her gifts…

“The catch is, we have to travel by water.” She’s making this silly face, like the travel-by-water part is going to potentially break the deal. You can’t help but laugh.

“I’m all in. Just tell me what I need to do to prepare and when we’re leaving. I’m there.” You are overcome with a feeling of peace– instead of feeling uneasy and unsure, you feel like this is all part of some kind of synchronistic master plan and you are starting to feel excited about something for the first time in forever.

She seems shocked. “Really?”

“Fuckin’ really,” you say, and without thinking, you reach out and hug her so tight you lift her off the ground a bit.

Her reaction is hard to guage.
“Sorry, I’m just… really psyched. This seems like… almost magical. I’m seeing major synchronicities happen– but I’ll tell you about them when we’re travelling…” you mutter, embarassed.

Her ears perk up at the word “synchronicities”. You know she’ll love to hear about your dream and all of the seemingly random events that have fallen into place and led you here.

She gives you the low-down: she has a connection to get a super fast passport if you’re available to go right away. The trip is happening the day after tomorrow. You’ll have to travel lightly. She tells you that you’ve got to really research travelling abroad when you get home later, and tells you about some helpful sites. She also asks you to learn as much as you can about Burma– particularly the Myingyan District.

After a busy day of preparations for this last minute trip, you head home and straight to your laptop. You pull out a pad of paper and start taking notes. Hours pass and you don’t even feel like time is passing at all; your research is fascinating. When you look up and notice the sun is starting to come up, you hit the sack for at least a few hours of sleep…


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