Tarot Readers Should All Die of Cancer?

ytbabbler via Youtube 

(original comments were lost because I had to flag them for hate speech- they said they thought I should DIE FROM CANCER and then that would teach me that my “cards aren’t magical”). Oh and the opinions I’ve expressed are simply my own, I hope my message was clear though…


Well, attention is all you care about, but I care about humans.
If you really believe that cards can can tell the future, you are insane. The world is full of you Sylvia Browne scammers that exploit people that have problems of all sorts.
They need help, not this garbage.
I don’t tolerate scams in any form, it’s not discrimination nor hate when I tell you that this shit don’t work, no magic does, the ones why do those tricks are either fraud or insane.
Write a mail to James Randi’s fondation, if you can prove that your shit works, you will get a check of ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Nobody has been able to do the test so far.
See this to understand what damage you do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcPuRaSEq1I

You don’t have any magic powers, it’s just stupid to believe it or very dishonest to act as you had.

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Ok, so your perspective is that— if I “believe that cards can tell the future”, that would mean that I am insane. Well phew! I’m glad to report that I don’t. I don’t believe anything predicts the future. Meteorology attempts to predict the weather but is, obviously, nowhere near a perfect science. Economists attempt to predict financial forecasts and are also often wrong. I suppose any science that deals with the aspect of predicting future events is never totally accurate.
What I do with Tarot cards is not anything CLOSE to science, nor would I ever claim it to be such.

While there are certainly self-professed “psychic” tarot readers, I am not one. You mentioned Sylvia Brown. No one had ever heard of Sylvia Brown until her recent(ish) scandal. I think it’s good that she was exposed for what she was doing— she was reeling people in by promising that she could connect with the souls of the living and the dead. This is a pseudoscience— which doesn’t even claim to take root in the material, earthly realm. So this lady and many others I am sure have been right there to scrape up the dough from the poor, desperate people who for whatever reasons seek out their services.

Do you believe in souls, ytbabbler? I noticed your G+ would make it appear that you are perhaps an atheist, perhaps simply a rather aggressive opponent of religion and faith systems. Is this a correct observation? If it is – and I’m just going by what I see – I understand the zealousness behind the cause you believe you are fighting for. I see in you the same zeal that one might see in the Westboro Baptist Church a few years back, except your message is different. The similarity, though, is in the attempts to shame and belittle a stranger regarding what YOU think their beliefs are. Except, unlike the Westboro Baptist family, you are safely typing away anonymously behind a computer screen, where as they marched up and down the streets holding “God Kills Fags” and “Fags Kill Babies” or “God Eats Babies” or whatever their more common signs were.

Luckily for them and for you (and me!) we do have the freedom to express our views on faith/spirituality/religion without the threat of being burned at the stake or jailed for treason.

This all being said – it is irrelevant, because like I said, my using Tarot cards is not a faith or religion or even a belief in anything magical. I don’t believe I have magical powers. I mean, I am pretty much a believer that anything could happen, so hell, maybe today I’ll shit a rainbow and grow a magical set of fairy wings. I’d certainly be on board with you, questioning my own mental health at that point, because that’s clearly delusional ideation.

I am studying to obtain a degree that will give me a foundation to be a therapist of sorts. The reason is that I want to help people. I am not magical and cannot tell the future. I am very empathic and am sensitive/tuned-in to the things people say and do. I am relatively good at getting a sense of what a person who is struggling through one of life’s many trials and tribulations is trying to communicate to me. This is not magic, it’s simply called listening. Let’s do a little test, shall we? You listen (read) and I type. See if you can make it through this entire message and come away from it with the ability to tell me what I am saying. I have doubts that you’re still reading. Nonetheless. My only self-proclaimed skill is in listening and paying attention. I have a huge desire to help those in need in any way that I am able. Right now, if it’s simply through providing free intuitive readings to people, giving them advice on how to approach situations in their lives through moderation and balance above all else, then so it will be. And just like you had a right to voice your opinion, I also have the right to continue doing what I love to do, so long as I’m not breaking any laws. I also have a right to report and remove hate speech from my Youtube page. If you had simply voiced your opinion in a respectful way, I’d have read it and moved right along.

But then you brought up things like me dying of cancer.
Two years ago I became disabled and do expect to die sooner than others my age.

Your words were about a millimeter off from hate speech.
We have a right to free speech but with that right comes the responsibility of bearing the consequences of what we say.
You may call me names like “stupid” You have every right to express that you feel like what I’m doing is dishonest. The consequences of that are this long email and having your shit blocked from my shit. And also having me not give a damn who James Randi is or proving anything or a million dollars. Sorry, I’m just not interested in proving or disproving anything. I would prefer to just be left alone in my own perfectly legal, profit-less (FREE) practices. But start talking about cancer and targeting people with cognitive or mental health issues (“stupid” and “crazy” are the words you’ve used) is a realm outside of the right to voice one’s opinion freely.

I’m not going to click on your link. You prefaced it sounding like you’re quoting Bill O’Reilly or something. “See this to understand what damage you do”. LOL- I’m sorry but I must laugh. I do not harm. I apologize seventeen times for accidentally stepping on the back of my partner’s shoe in the grocery mart. I’m about as harmful as a senile declawed housecat, But I don’t care what you think of ME as a person, since you don’t and never will know me as a person.

If I provided you a link to an educational video on the esoteric arts, symbology throughout the history of civilizations, global archetype’s and Jung’s theories of the anima and animus, the shadow self, etc., would you watch it?

Ah and ONE last thing. Isn’t a scam an activity in which one person either steals another’s money or tricks them into giving their money away?
Because there’s no money involved here.

A friend requested that I do this reading for her and I posted it on youtube FOR other people who are into the same things and enjoy watching tarot videos. I have no interest in the WWE, so why would I look up wrestling videos and leave personally hateful comments on people’s videos because they have an interest that I do not share? Isn’t that a really big waste of time?

You say you care about humans. So get off your computer and go do something that backs that up. You might find you have less time for trolling and internet obsession.



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