(New Original Spread) A Decision in Love

So here is a situation where an Anonymous querent is asking for insight on what will happen if they open up and reveal a part of themselves to their current partner that they haven’t yet introduced.

For this spread (made for you, Google Drawings, yeah!), we will call this “coming clean” Option A.

Option B will represent choosing NOT to reveal this thing.

First, a general card to represent…

1. The Essence of the Situation: Judgement

The Judgement card speaks of a day of reckoning. This is likely representing a CHOICE you will actually not have the CHOICE not to make. It’s good that you’re asking this now, because this issue needs to be brought up and addressed by you to him directly. There is a chance here that something outside of your control may intervene and give you an outcome you might not be prepared for, so it’s best that you make a plan and go ahead with it soon!

2. Option A will work best if you try… Queen of Swords

If you go with Option A (revealing it), your advice card is the Queen of Swords. This makes a lot of sense because the Queen of Swords is very good with her communication skills. She loves to research, assess, speak, discuss, share ideas. She is honest, she has tact, she is independant and is able to remain emotionally detached when delivering potentially less-than-happy news. She advises you to think for yourself (suggesting there may be other points of view from people you may discuss this with who will want to offer their two cents. Don’t listen to them. Listen to YOU.) She also advises you to not get emotionally attached to the outcome. If this is a highly charged emotional thing for you, work on being able to present it clearly and logically instead of in a sobbing, blubbering mess of tears!

3. Option A Avoid-at-all-Costs: 2 of Cups, Reversed

The reversed Two of Cups is a distortion of the happy couple represented by the upright card. This is your warning card for Option A: if you choose to reveal, you must avoid (again) losing control of your emotions. This card warns about couples fighting and working against each other, so if this is your choice, you will totally fail if you approach it in a way that seems like you’re picking a fight. Don’t do the whole “we need to have a serious talk…” thing. Try a softer, more subtle and loving approach.

4. Option A Outcome: Page of Cups

The outcome for Option A looks good. The Page of Cups is the sweetest of all of the Pages, and brings up a lot of youthful romantic energy. The card also speaks of the birth of new feelings in both love and the spiritual realm. 

5. Option B will work best if you try… The World, Reversed

If you choose Option B (not to reveal this at this time), your advice card is the World- REVERSED. Let’s do a little imagination exercise: picture a world, then picture it turned upside down. Yeah. This isn’t the best omen. When it is reversed, the World card talks about missing your change, non-completion, laziness and lack of motivation, and feeling trapped. It represents a blockage in the completion of a major life cycle (could be a relationship). The advice this card gives is clear: DO NOT RESIST CHANGE. 

6. Option B Avoid-at-all-Costs: 5 of Pentacles

Yikes! The 5 of Pentacles is a card that amazes me because it affects so many aspects of our lives— but particularly a combination of financial destitution and a very unbalanced relationship. One is totally supporting the other, who is wounded (or believes themselves to be wounded). There is an aspect of great loss to this card. The kind of loss that everybody is going to find out about and judge harshly. As a warning I think this card screams that unhealthy, codependent relationships must be stopped. Also there is this subtle tie back to the Queen of Swords at the top in that there may be outside influences that you should be looking out for and avoiding at all costs.

7. Option B Outcome: 5 of Wands

If you choose Option B (not to reveal), there will be fighting and chaos. Again, suggestion of more people getting involved in the situation than just the two of you. You will have your actions questioned and scrutinized. There is an element of competition here. The outcome to Option B may not necessarily be an end to the relationship, but it doesn’t appear to have be a very peaceful situation. 

In summary…

Reveal it. 

He will respond well if you do not get overly emotional about it but are clear and informative.

It will go best if you don’t allow it to turn into a fight, but use love to temper your words.

I hope this is helpful! 


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