To Pursue, or Not To Pursue… A Reading

Anonymous asks:

I am concerned about what the outcome would be if I continued to pursue a denied appeal at my University regarding a late drop. I feel as if a grave injustice has been done. Therefore, I am thinking I should take the matter to the VP of my University. I want to fight this, but I do not know what kind of difference would be made.

I laid out four cards. They were very clear in their message! Not much confusion or uncertainty here..

1. How it will go if you continue to fight it: 4 of Wands

Professionalism. A rite of passage. Being in harmony with a social or societal institution. Optimism and success.

2. The Final Outcome if you continue to pursue the appeal: Justice

All factors will be considered by the powers-that-be, and a fair (and positive) decision will be made in your favor!

3. How it will go if you choose to drop it: 3 of Swords

Pain, heartbreak, sadness and gloom. I’m interpreting this to mean that you will really feel a sense of regret when you look back on it and will wish you had pursued it.

4. The final outcome if you decide to drop it: Judgement, Reversed

Being judged too harshly. Mediocre or poor results. Parent-child conflicts. Refusing to listen to your inner voice and having a terrible time forgiving yourself for it.


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