A Relationship Reading

In response to Anonymous’s question: what to do/where to go with their current relationship.

The first card I drew for you is the 10 of Wands, reversed. This card is about the essence of the situation overall.
This card represents issues having to do with BURDEN. Since it’s reversed, I read this as a distortion of something having to do with productive vs. unproductive time. In a relationship setting, I see this as saying you are possibly wasting your time and being mislead.

The second card I drew for you represents the other person’s perspective/feelings about the relationship. I drew the Knight of Cups.
This Knight is considered the most feminine of all of the Knights. They are represented by the water sign of Pisces. The Knights of Tarot are all sort of immature versions of the King of their suit, and often are referred to as adolescents/young adults. So, while this Knight is extremely romantic, totally in love (with being in love), idealistic, gentle, loyal, and quite poetic, they also have some negative characteristics that need worked out. They can be excessively sentimental, moody, emotionally manipulative, co dependent and withdrawn.

In summary, I read this to mean that your “other” probably exhibits those characteristics, at least as it relates to your relationship. In a romantic reading, this is definitely a green light means GO type of card.

The third card I pulled reflects YOUR position in the relationship and where you’re at.

I pulled the Fool.

This is interesting because your question alone is a question that the Fool would ask. (That sounded mean. In the Tarot, the Fool isn’t an insult. :)) The Fool is young, naive, full of energy and spunk, a little careless sometimes, and is full of potential. In Rider-Waite based decks, the fool is often seen looking like he/she is about to embark on a mission and is totally thrilled and excited. However, there’s a cliff that he/she is getting dangerously close to falling off of. The Fool’s little dog is barking excitedly— possibly to warn his master about the cliff. The Fool doesn’t seem to be listening, though.

I read this to mean that you, like you said, are really unsure of what to do. You haven’t given up hope though, and that’s a good thing. You may have a little bit of exploring and adventuring to do before you’re really ready for the type of commitment necessary to get to the next phase in your relationship!

The final card, in the position of advice, is the Queen of Pentacles.
The Queen’s advice to you is: use common sense. Maintain a calm, grounded life. Always be able to survive on your own, if worse comes to worse. She warns against being too materialistic.

I consider the Queen of Pentacles to be the “girlfriend” card.
So, to finish this up: follow the Queen’s advice. Stay balanced. Be self-sufficient.

I hope this helps, and let me know what you think!

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