Anonymous Career Question: Pursue Studying The Mind, or Letting Creativity Take You Somewhere New

So, I’ve obviously summed up the essence of the question (I hope) in that incredibly long title.

The first card I drew is going to be our essence of the situation-type card.

The 8 of Cups.

What do we see here? 

Here’s my take. This red-cloaked escapee is you. This really makes sense as a card representing the question itself: the figure we see leaving behind all these neatly stacked cups is experiencing some change of heart. He or she is becoming more serious about things; and those things (being in the suit of Cups) are some things that are near and dear to their heart. They aren’t really “feeling it” like they did when they first started out. There are issues like letting go versus holding on, recognizing WHEN is the right time to move on… Questions, like “Am I just trudging in the mud of mediocrity?” and “Might the grass possibly be greener…?”

There are hundreds of unattributed quotes that float around the internet. I particuarly like the one that says basically to “leave behind that which no longer serves you”


So, now let’s draw another card. This card will represent something to EMBRACE in your journey.

The King of Cups.

Blasted Court cards! Ah, but I think this one is fitting if we look at the positive attributes of this king and use them as a guide!

The King of Cups is, in my opinion, the gentlest King. He represents Mastery of Emotions. He is wise, diplomatic, tolerant, non-confrontational, and known to be an excellent listener. His work is often BEHIND THE SCENES. He does a lot of work that promotes humanity, volunteering, utilizing his empathic nature to help, helping children and those without a voice, and he does so in a remarkably effective way. He is a keeper of peace. 

Being that this is another CUP card, this shows me that we’re still dealing with the realm of what is closest to your heart!

Now, let’s draw a card to represent what you should THROW AWAY in your journey.

The 9 of Coins



Ah, Lady Luxury! 

At first glance, I’d say: You need to let go of your attachments to materialistic things. The rat race… constantly trying to stay on top of the Wheel… Let that not be your motivation. Ask yourself how the 9 of Pents “Lady Luxury” has a mindset very different from the King of Cups Note those differences. 

While she is self-reliant and has worked hard for all she has, this really is ALL she has. Notice that she doesn’t share all of her wealth and comfort with anyone. She’s worked hard and profited greatly, but without passion. Without love. Without family, friends. 

So, while it’s important to know that:

… it’s also important to acknowledge that


I do not promote myself as a fortune teller. Barely even an advice giver. Just a reflecting pool. Does this reading resonate with you? 

I think that it is asking you a question right back. WHAT DOES YOUR HEART WANT THE MOST? 

One more card, for further clarification.

Strength. I love love love Strength. To me, she represents the archetypally “feminine” strength that is quite, soothing and calms the wild beast. A more “masculine” type of strength would be perhaps in cards like the Emperor, some of the Kings and Knights, etc. They all use weapons to win wars. Strength overcomes obstacles, she doesn’t even dabble in the war. Strength isn’t a fighter, she’s a lover. 

Her advice to you is: use reason and strength from within. Keep things in order in your life; use self-discipline. The calm approach.

There sure is a lot of “calm” in this reading…

I hope you found this helpful to think about. I’d love to hear your thoughts/feedback! 



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