Anonymous Relationship Dynamic Reading

The first card I’m drawing represents “him”.

And, go figure, I pulled The Emperor.

The Emperor! Card number 4! Represented by the element of FIRE!

As a person, the Emperor card points to all things society would call “manly” and “fatherly”. He’s a fertile man in his prime! He is quick, energetic, aggressive, self-disciplined, and might at times be a bit of a tryant. As a way of thinking, the card talks of relying much more heavily of reason and logic than on emotion. It can be speaking of a life being ruled by someone else.

In the context of love, it can speak of a “father figure” like partner. It can also be saying that one of the two in a relationship is taking on ALL of the responsibility in matters of practicality. 

Now let’s draw a card representing YOU.

Four of Swords, RX

Ruh-roh. This card usually arises when a person is not taking care of themselves physically or mentally. When it is reversed it is particularly negative. It speaks of sleepless nights, wanting everything all at once, insomnia, not wanting to take advice, and all for a fear of feeling some painful feels that you are trying to suppress in yourself. This card warns you very clearly that you must MUST take care of yourself and make sure you are in your “right” mind. Sometimes, this card arises when someone is in a bipolar mania phase. Or on some kind of drug bender. So hopefully that’s not you— regardless, this is telling you that your mind isn’t in the right place right now to be fixating on this particular “endeavor” right now.

One more card for clarification:

III of Swords

Okay. Well, that’s all about heartache/heartbreak. 

Pain from outside sources. 

In summary, I’m thinking that this MIGHT be a bad situation. You know best though, I am not a mind-reader at all. Nor am I psychic. Simply intuitive. I don’t know much about you or your story, so this truly is a “blind reading”. You take what you want from it. I’d be interested to hear if you have any further thoughts on it, and/or how things turn out!


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