Fuck – one of the most beautiful words in the English language: Osho


On the 4th Jan’11, in the commute back from office to home in the Delhi Metro (the underground & overground tube service crisscrossing Delhi & adjoining NCR region’s satellite towns), my iPod Nano (5th generation one with 16GB storage), which has the song shuffle option enabled, played the track ‘Osho on Fuck’ – a really funny analysis sorta, of the various usages of this oft-quoted cuss word…The irony is, that the next song which played itself was the ‘Hallelujah’ song, the cult song written by Leonard Cohen, a sacred word of invoking the Lord Jesus, but this song of the same name had subtle references to the contrary…And Osho was one of the legendary atheists ever, who denounced organized religion.

Anyway, here’s how the talk goes, for the uninitiated:

Transcript (As per the video available on the web – when I’d searched it out a few days later):

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