Today’s Outlook… (A 5 Card Reflection Spread)

todays outlook

1. I will approach today from the guidance of: Ace of Cups

2. Blocking my path will be: 8 of Pentacles

3. One option to consider in dealing with this block is: 10 of Swords

4. Another option is: Justice (Rx)

5. But at the end of the day, I’ll be listening to the guidance of: 9 of Cups (Rx)



1. Ace of Cups as my approach:
Today I will govern all of my decisions by love. I will focus on giving and not taking. I use love, not control, to guide myself through situations. I will remain in control of my emotions.
2. 8 of of Pentacles as a block:
I will face a challenge today in a distortion of motivation and work. I may feel like I am working for nothing and experience a lack of ambition. Or, I might find myself tempted to become overly obsessed in projects and tasks, and end up not getting any actual work done.
3. Option #1: 10 of Swords
I could choose to put an END to the problems I’m having today in a way that might seem overly dramatic and involve tears. I could have a rather pessimistic outlook on my blockage, viewing myself as the perpetual victim of circumstance. Woe is me!
4. Option #2: Justice (Rx)
Another way I might approach my issues today is in making decisions that might actually harm me. I may be tempted to listen to the devil on my shoulder, telling me I’m a loser and stifling me. I may take out my frustrations on someone (hopefully, not an authority figure) and really lose my cool.
5. But at the end of the day… 9 of Cups, Rx
I may find myself not being very grateful. I may over-indulge in something that brings about negative consequences. I may have trouble “feeling” the love this evening. I should beware of getting stuck in negative thought patterns such as overemphasis on materialism, disappointment in not getting what I THINK I deserved, etc.


I return to the Ace of Cups as I begin another day on this earth.

Morgan Greer Deck


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