What can I expect in the next two months? Re: two month reading Thanks :)

What you should expect in the next two months.

This is a vague question, so the answer is very open to your interpretation. 

THE FOOL usually always suggests new beginnings. It can appear when you are arriving at a jumping-off point— when something is about to manifest. He also represents an attitude of innocence, optimism, and total faith in the unknown. This can be a very positive thing, or just the opposite. Approaching life with the uninhibited and joyous spirit of a child is what gives life much of its beauty and awe… but, it also puts the querent at risk. In Rider-Waite based decks, the person on the card is usually seen standing on the edge of a cliff, all ready to go on his journey… the question is, how well do you know this cliff? The Fool’s little pup is barking at him, but he doesn’t seem to notice. Is this your instinct telling you to be careful and watch where you step? Or is it celebrating in excitement with you? 

One way to find out the answer to these questions is to look at surrounding cards. 

THE DEVIL, in its reversed position, also has an array of possible meanings. With it’s placement following the Fool, it suggests that the Fool’s energy may be more on the side of dangerous and careless rather than safe and carefree. 

Now, when upright, the DEVIL card represents things like addictions, anger and depression, being trapped, etc. Reversed, it tends to have a more positive meaning. It can signify “dodging a bullet”, narrowly missing a personal calamity. It can also signify some serious temptation that you will be able to resist if you stay true to your values and do the right thing. This raises a question that ties back to The Fool— what are your moral foundations? If you are entering this next phase of life totally ill-prepared (due to lack of experience or otherwise), you may encounter a rather nasty downfall. 

To summarize, you should expect that there will be something very new and exciting coming along soon. You should also expect that you will face some kind of test of your own inner strength. Anticipate temptation to go down a road you don’t want to get stuck on… now would be a good time to really give this some thought. 

Hope this was helpful, please let me know your thoughts on the reading! 


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