Anonymous Reading For A Heartbroken Soul :(

1. What really happened?
The Sun, Reversed

2. What do you do to help yourself?
Queen of Wands

3. Where do you turn for comfort?
King of Cups

1. The Sun, Reversed

I must admit, this was a tricky card to read and ascertain meaning to relate to your situation, so I’ve had to give it a bit of thought. The Sun card is generally very positive and happy, and even when it is reversed, its meaning is still pretty positive. However, we’re asking the cards “what happened?” with this person. Why did he do what he did? What is his deal? 

Here are some possible meanings. I trust you’ll know which relate to you and which you can discard. 

  • The risk of overexposure – so think about the Sun. It promotes happiness, warmth, excitement and life. But— in excess, the Sun can burn. Just like a person can get a sunburn, there are actions and lifestyle choices a person can make that leaves them very vulnerable to exposure. Exposure— this could be  (probably is) his greatest fear right now. 
  • One person is feeling that another person is “blocking out their sun”.  The person who finds themselves in this position is feeling that warmth and energy that was once there draining away and they feel like they are now living in a shadow. This card can also be interpreted as obstacles to a person’s personal success. The reasons he’s given you seem to support that he may be at least feeling like this is reality.
  • Competition and envy within a relationship. Feeling pulled by two different forces. Interesting little sidenote here: some sources read this card to suggest a relationship with someone much younger. I don’t know if this relates to your situation.
  • Inner child/child issues. In one sense, this could be saying that he is chasing childhood whims and dreams. On the other hand, it could be pointing very directly to CHILDREN. This person’s children my be a very strong factor in the WHY sector of this situation. 

2. Queen of Wands

Every reading I do lately seems to be riddled with court cards. Agh. Anyway, this is a pretty cool card when pulled as an answer to the question “what can you do to help yourself”?. We simply need to study the Queen of Wands and learn from her virtues. 

Here are some things to consider:

  • New, fresh ideas. Creativity is a big thing here— new creative hobbies are strongly encouraged. 
  • Rebuilding your own sense of confidence and self-worth. Have a love affair with YOURSELF.
  • Period of self-reflection and self-discovery — particulary in the realm of spirituality.
  • “Know thyself” – during this period of reflection and rebuilding your self-worth, it’s important to to honest with yourself about the ways that you might be thinking in unhealthy ways. Use this time to become transparent- become FREE. There’s nothing left to hide anymore.
  • Focus on transforming yourself into the strongest, sexiest, more independent woman you possibly can! Come up with some role models— women you would consider to be strong and independent. Work to emulate their ways. This will make you stronger. 

3. King of Cups

In some ways, it seems like this suggests that you should look for another man who fits the characteristics of the sweetest King in the deck. 

However, I got a bit of a psychic understanding pretty quickly while looking at this. 

I believe that what you can do to find peace is to speak with a therapist. A male therapist. 

It could also be suggesting that you try doing some volunteer work to pull yourself out of your current state of sadness. It’s amazing how it really does feel to help in our darkest moments to shift our focus onto others. 

I hope this is helpful. I’m sorry your situation has gotten to the point it’s gotten to… sending you positive thoughts! 


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