Anonymous Reading : Getting Your Diploma

Anonymous asks: am i going to get my college diploma without external complications?

King of Pentacles, Reversed
This is a warning to you.
This card, when reversed, points to financial problems and being unsuccessful. The reason for these problems? Not having a clear enough goal. Not setting your intentions and committing yourself to them. Not having foresight. Poor planning.

I pulled a card of Advice for you to avoid this poor outcome, and I got the 10 of Pentacles. Hmm, we’re realing with money again. This is a much happier card though! As advice, the 10 of Pentacles tells you to turn to family and traditional values to help guide you. This could mean that there’s some advice from a family member that you aren’t wanting to listen to right now— but you should. When in doubt, call upon your morals a values to direct you.
Lastly, do your best to attract peace, harmony and stability into your life. You may be tempted to rock the boat or do things in an unconventional (or possibly shady) way— this is an area of your life you don’t need to take risks in right now!

The final card I pulled for you represents what you should AVOID in your journey. I got another reversed court card! The Queen of Swords in her reversed form speaks of gossip and “talking shit” (pardon my French). It also talk about contagious negtivity— steer clear of that!
The biggest message in this card though is to not let your emotions cloud your logical thinking. Do not allow yourself to worry excessively and create problems in your mind!

I hope this was helpful!


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