a quick tarot exercise – character building spread

I saw this spread and wanted to just give it a go and see what kind of bare bones story (fiction) I could come up with. 

Character Profile Spread

1. The Hero: THE STAR

Luna is our main character. She is an Aquarius and is very connected with her astrological (and spiritual) being. She is beautiful…

2. Dominant Outward Quality: THE MOON

Luna is known for being very mysterious. She seems to know things that no one else knows just before they happen. Can she really fortell the future, or is this something else?

3. Dominant Inward Quality: PAGE OF CUPS

Her inward quality as the Page of Cups reinforces the idea of being strongly connected to the intuitive/psychic side. There is a lot of water in her being. She is very emotional and much more sensitive than she lets on. People see her as a well of knowledge and resources— and she is— but her own needs often get overlooked.

4. Goal: DEATH

Luna’s goal is to transform her life from the shadows into the light. She once worked in the dark practices of magick but has decided to use her talents as a lightworker now. She’s finding this journey more difficult than she thought it would be.

5. Motivation: 9 OF CUPS

Luna’s motivation comes from her desire to live in emotional luxury. She wants love and happiness— the kind that lasts. She isn’t very into commitment, however, which is why her motivation is not a ten.

6. Stakes: THE SUN

Luna will have to pass on some of the opportunities for “fun” she finds along the way.

7. Fatal Flaw: 5 OF SWORDS

Luna has a philosophy borne in pain. She has made painful mistakes. There was once a violent crime committed in self-interest which resulted in much regret and dishonor.

8. Source of Fatal Flaw: PAGE OF WANDS

A fellow who resurfaces from her past and tempts her back to the dark side.

9: How Fatal Flaw will effect reaching #4: 3 OF PENTACLES

Luna will have to work HARD, keeping her priorities straight at all times. She will have to learn the value of teamwork and joint venture (the power in numbers).

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