This is a tarot spread that was inspired by Dr. Cathy Collautt’s five steps to getting your subconscious on board. (Here’s the video where she talked to Marie Forleo about it.) This spread is designed to help you find out what’s really keeping you from reaching your goals, and how you can turn your fears into a non-issue and start manifesting your desires. 

  1. What do I want?
  2. What fear is blocking me?
  3. Why do I have this fear?
  4. What value is this fear protecting? (In other words, what is this fear trying to keep me from losing or compromising on?)
  5. How can I honor my values?
  6. How can my values guide me towards my desires?
  7. How can I manifest my desires without sacrificing my values?
  8. Who or what exemplifies my path?
  9. How can I solidify and affirm my path?

Be sure that when you use this spread, you really look into the alternative and deeper meanings of the cards that you draw. When I did my own reading, I pulled Justice as my desire. It took getting help from a friend and fellow tarot reader to understand what that actually meant for me and what I want to manifest. (Thanks, Nicole!)

I’d love to hear what you think of the spread if you use it. Feel free to send me your feedback.


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