anonymous reading for love

Anonymous and I have decided to ask the cards about her and a potential new lover. This “new” lover has been a friend for many years but things have always prevented them from connecting romantically. They have made plans to spend time together and discuss their relationship (maybe take it to the next level), but Anonymous wants to know if there will be any unforeseen issues with this. I have asked the Tarot to give me a four part snapshot of this relationship.

1. Focal Point – Hanged Man
2. What is Hidden – The Magician
3. What is Known – The Emperor
4. Glimpse Into the Future: 10 of Wands

Initial thoughts:

Before I attempt to read these in depth, I will note some things that stand out to me— one is that 3 of the 4 cards drawn are major arcana cards, which is said to mean that they denote a stronger, clearer energy. It is also said that they speak less of actual events and more of surrounding energies. Another thing I notice is the elemental ratio: you have two fire, one air and one water. The Focal Point card is water— which says to me that the root of your issue (the reason you are feeling the need for this guidance) is in the realm of the emotions and love. What is hidden and what is in the future are both fire cards – passionate flames, creativity, etc. What is known is an air card, which deals with the realm of the intellect, mental processes, knowledge and thought.

Now, for a reading.

1. The Hanged Man is one of many cards in the Tarot that is pretty obvious in meaning when you really look at it. In most decks that follow the Rider-Waite tradition, you see a character hanging upside-down, usually by one foot, from a tree. In the Morgan Greer deck that I use, he has his arms voluntarily clasped behind his back and a facial expression that (to me) expresses a little bit of guilt, a lot of patience, and a lot of understanding as to WHY he’s found himself in this predicament.

This card is telling us that the entire issue is surrounded by an energy of suspension: it is a card of inaction and it speaks of some helplessness and “stuck-ness”. The Hanged Man says that you may as well just continue being patient and holding out right now (as you have been for so long) because it’s out of your hands. He also suggests that there was some sort of mis-step that brought you to this place of questioning. In some cases, there is a hint here that someone is manipulating you. This card urges you to learn to let go of the things you cannot control, don’t fall into victim-mentality thinking, revise and update your personal “wishlist” (what it is you really want out of life/this situation/this person)… and once you’ve come to a better place of emotional clarity, that is when a change or an action is going to happen.

2. The Magician is representing what is hidden from you right now. Though the word “hidden” itself makes us think this is something negative, it is not necessarily the case.
Wow, what a powerful card. I think the Magician is probably the most powerful card in the deck to me personally. It speaks of that very thing – POWER. The Magician is not in himself a source of power but he guides, deflects, reflects, etc. all of it with his own PERSONAL power. He has mastered all of the 4 elements and is ultimate manifestor.
There is something pretty big that you aren’t aware of. Don’t worry, it doesn’t look to be at all negative given the surrounding cards. Something about this person or the relationship as a whole is holding the power to blast you right out of that Hanged Man position you’ve been stuck in for so long. The Magician points to a mediator, a messenger, a communicator, communications in general, speaking, written word, languages, and purposeful travel (ahh, you see that? There’s some obvious relevance to your situation right there!).
This hidden power lies in you, them, or in the dynamic duo you two would make as a couple.

3. The Emperor is representing what you already know. This could be knowledge you are keeping quiet about or it could be more obvious.
The Emperor is referred to as the “Father of the deck” because he represents the archetypal father figure. In relationship readings, the first thing that usually pops into my mind is the relationship dynamic— perhaps one person in the relationship plays the role of a father figure. This archetype is authority, control, discipline, wealth, leadership, protective, structured. At its best, think of the Emperor’s energy as that of a gentle, loving father figure. At its worst, think of it as a BAD father figure who uses his authority for selfish or perverted reasons.
Another thing this card could be talking about is straight up father issues.

4. For a glimpse into your future with this person, I pulled the 10 of Wands.
Up front, we see burden and taking on too much. Over-extending ones self. Needing help to lighten the load.
Looking at it deeper, we can see the positives— as a ten, it is a completion of a cycle. The cycle is in the realm of fire, so this could be the end of the dating game and all of its stress and annoyances. The message about this particular cycle ending is that it will require a lot of constant work to maintain the favorable outcome you are going to receive. That sounds quite applicable to a very long-term relationship (perhaps even marriage). In all relationships (but especially long-term ones) there is a need for constant work to keep things good. This is the only Minor Arcana card, so it is pointing to the arena of your daily life, events, routines, etc. Imagine this literally is a “glimpse” of you in the future with him; we see some struggle and definitely lots of opportunity for growth. We see hard work that pays off— rewards you passionately.
I would say that’s a pretty good future to glimpse at! No, it isn’t all flowers and sparkles and resting on your laurels— but that wouldn’t be realistic. Happily ever after isn’t a destination, it’s a journey, and we might as well just ACCEPT this as a truth we cannot change (this ties back to that Hanged Man card and the need to accept before anything can happen!).

I hope this helps,


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