Ace of Swords – Meanings and Musings

Ace of Swords

The power of TRUTH is being ushered in.

A time of high potential for mental force is here.

“The power of the Ace of Swords can be drawn up by anyone whose heart, mind and will are strong. However, it is up to the bearer of the Sword to tap that potential and use it in a way that is beneficial for the greater good.”

A List of Keywords:

⦁ mental force
⦁ truth
⦁ justice
⦁ fortitude
⦁ intellect
⦁ true perception
⦁ mental clarity
⦁ empowerment
⦁ balanced mind
⦁ the will
⦁ power
⦁ carity
⦁ focus
⦁ vision
⦁ insight
⦁ intensity

Some inner events associated with the Ace of Swords:

Gaining clarity after an extended period of mental confusion

This could be an inner OR an outer event, but let’s think about it as an inner one for now.
If you haven’t already received it, get ready for some sort of revelation. Align yourself with the energy of this card— total committment to truth and justice— and be brave. As an inner event, I see this card as indicative of one of those moments where you suddenly see things as they actually ARE, not as you wish them to be. Denial is wiped from your eyes and you now see what’s really going on.

Accepting responsibility for your actions

This goes along with the message of truth and justice. This card encourages that you be authentic and true with everyone— most importantly, yourself! If there have been some things you’ve done that you aren’t very proud of, then guess what? You are just like 99% of your fellow human beings and need not be ashamed. We all make mistakes. It is so important to forgive yourself— but don’t simply decide to live in denial. Not facing up to the truth doesn’t change or alter it— in fact, truth is so strong that there’s very little you can do to manipulate it. Don’t live a lie. Be authentic. Admit that you are human and have flaws. Living authentically is an amazing feeling!


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