“I am, I do, I have” Spread

Sometimes we can fall into the ego trap of feeling like we must have certain things, do certain things, in order to be happy. But when you’re stuck in that mindset, nothing you do can actually make you happy; because you’re relying on external things for an internal job. This spread can help you stop that in it’s tracks. 

  1. I am enough of this
  2. I do enough of this
  3. I have enough of this

You can also focus this spread onto specific areas. For example, you can angle it towards your tarot practice.

  1. 9 of Swords – I am thoughtful enough. (I spend plenty of time examining and thinking about situations from multiple angles; this is a positive look at a card that can represent obsession & anxiety.) Alternatively, I am very aware of different issues, unique thoughts, and complex problems.
  2. The Hierophant – I do enough counseling and teaching, both receiving and giving.
  3. 9 of Pentacles – I have enough knowledge and experience.

this is gorgeous.

This is such a positive spread!

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