Will It Last? Spread on My Relationship


I’m giving this a quick go. It was amazingly accurate for my own relationship, and I don’t usually feel like I get much clarity in readings about this area of my life. 

1a. My Expectations in the Relationship – 2 of Swords

intellectual decision will have to be made

1b. His Expectations in the Relationship – Hanged Man

Being stuck, manipulated, losing interest

2a. My hopes for the relationship: Temperance – 

middle ground, spiritual connections, a successful combination

2b. His hopes: The Emperor (lol)

“father figure” role, having control, discipline, a capable person

3a. My fears: The Tower

huge life change, pain, loss, breaking up

3b. His fears – 6 of Cups (!)

children, reminiscing to the way things used to be, the return of an ex

4a. Relationship Strengths: 7 of Swords, Rx

manipulation, illegal activities, choosing to do the right thing, acting impulsively

4b. Weaknesses: The Magician, Rx (this is crazy!)

abuse of power, manipulation, deceit, creative stagnation, blocked communication, mental health issues, head injury?

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