A Reading On “Overactive Empathy”

Anonymous asks a very nicely detailed question.

To boil it down, they ask:

“I’m not sure how best to even connect with others? Or what more I can do for myself to help?”

I’m going to shuffle and spread out the cards now…

First off- a card just popped out of the deck. I always use these cards as a sort of significator or a general picture that is really trying to make itself known. The Page of Pentacles, reversed popped out.

A little info on the Page of Pents in general: represents earth signs, When upright, this Page is all about being a hard worker, always ready to learn some new skill, being thirsty for education (especially hands-on learning).

When reversed, this card indicates a major blockage— sometimes even a total opposite set of characteristics. He/she is blocked from manifesting goals.

Why? Too focused on short-term stuff, too much thinking and too little doing, no set plan, and possibly some depression which is snuffing out all of the great ideas and the immense level of motivation that this Page upright represents.

Are you hearing anything that sounds like you here? Or does any of this sound like it describes your situation?

Now, let’s get to your questions.

What should the querent know about how to better connect with others, and to help themselves?
The 6 of Swords.

Interesting. On the surface, this card often shows two figures in a boat, rowing away. It looks like it would be a very sad card:

Indeed, it can be. It talks about moving on, getting away, recovery and healing. It definitely implies that there was something very difficult that happened in the past, But there is way more to this card than meets the eye.

Sixes in Tarot actually are pretty positive cards— they all have this element of expanding, progressing, ascending, etc. The Six of Pentacles is one of my favorite cards— it is about generosity and giving. In the same way, the Six of Swords talks about the value of being generous— but not in a financial or material way, rather, mentally. How does one become mentally generous?

You explained in your message that basically you are a highly empathic person who is just discovering what it is to be an empath. Often times this initial stage of realization is HARD. (If you’d like to chat sometime about this— please do get in touch— I just went through this last year and have learned a LOT about how to deal with getting overwhelmed by people’s energies and stuff.) However, you described something that I personally see as an ascention. You are ascending right now, and the Six of Swords acknowledges this! As far as how to deal with the social aspect of it, the Six of Swords is giving you a major hint. Mental generosity. It’s time to shed the people from your life who are absolute “energy vampires” so you can move on, and start to connect with others like yourself.

My thoughts: perhaps do some real looking in to the whole empath thing. There are online communities galore filled with people who are experiencing or have experienced similar troubles. Many are desperate to find others like them. Perhaps getting involved first with making some social connections on a mental level (sitting behind a computer screen, sharing thoughts, not focusing on meeting people face-to-face). This may highly benefit you as you get to know others who have gone through similar experiences and can share with you techniques they’ve figured out that help them to connect with people in their daily lives.

Let me know if any of this resonates or makes sense! 

It was a pleasure to read for you!


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