May I have a will it last tarot spread? Seems pretty nifty. Names Hillary and Quincey

Okay – I’m guessing you’re Hillary and he’s Quincey? Sorry if I have any pronouns wrong. Usually I would do this spread in a more face-to-face setting and get to know a little about the situation first, but hell, it’s Tumblr, we’ll do a cold reading and see how it comes out!

Oh and ps – I see that you’re familiar with the tarot so I’m not going to spend as much time with card interpretations. 

1a. What the querent expects will happen
6 of Cups – You have high expectations in this relationship! But that’s not to say you’re high maintenance. You just expect that you two will give and receive love and respect, and that your relationship will have that childlike sense of wonder feeling about it naturally, without forcing any issues…

1b. What her partner expects will happen
Knight of Wands – Your partner, on the other hand, has more firey expectations. They expect things to move quickly. They expect you to keep up with them. They may have expectations of bringing you all over the place, going on trips together, etc. 

2a. What the querent hopes will happen
2 of Cups – Your heart is really in this relationship. You hope for continued romance, attraction, and again, that give-and-take that came up in the first card for you is a big thing for you it seems.

2b. What the other person hopes will happen
Page of Cups – In a romantic sense, your partner is one the same wavelengths as you. Their hopes are to keep the romance and head-over-hells feeling alive! They also hope for sweetness in love— a concept that seems to be repeating itself a lot here!

3a. What the querent fears might happen

Knight of Pentacles – Your fears coming up as a court card could mean several things: one is that you fear being replaced by an actual person who fits the characteristics of the Knight of Pents. Another meaning could be that you fear stagnancy, slow movement, commitment issues on their part. Predictability and/or prudence. Or, you fear the Knight of Pents in yourself. You fear that one of you won’t be able to live at the same pace as the other, and this will bring down the relationship. Maybe you fear a side of yourself that you’re trying hard to keep hidden coming to light; a somewhat pessimistic, overly serious, overly concerned with money, possibly obsessive side. 

3a. What the other person fears might happen
Page of Pentacles + 3 of Swords – Okay the reason there are two cards here is that I literally picked up one and another one followed along. Sometimes this happens as a result of clumsiness, but other times I just kind of know that the card wants to be included. This makes me think that your partner might have quite a few fears, or that their fears run really deep. The first fear is the Page of Pentacles (so many court cards!), and the 3 of Swords (heartbreak) is kind of sticking out of the Page. Initial thoughts: their fears are that this Page of Pentacles is an actual person who will cause the relationship to come to an end. The Page of Pentacles represents the Earth signs. It is someone you’re likely to encounter either in school, at a new job, or in some outdoor activity. 

I want to explore other possibilities with this one though.

Say the Page of Pentacles isn’t representing an actual person… let’s say the characteristics of this Page are the issue. In this case, your partner is fearing (once again) that the two of you will not be able to keep pace with each other. This time, it’s in a more material, money-making sense. Possibly they fear that one of you is not able or willing to work hard to support a long-term relationship, and that this will bring about destruction. 

Perhaps they are fearing their shadow side, kind of like my hypothesis on the Knight of Pents for you. They’re fearing that their own stubborn commitment to tradition, fear of taking risks, and tendencies to develop someone unhealthy attachments will come out and scare you away.

4a. Strength of the relationship
Judgement – Something about your relationship represents a test, or being tested, and the one(s) being tested is making the right decisions. This is a transformative relationship, a new kind of relationship. One or both of you have had less-than-wonderful relationships in the past, or have gotten caught in really unhealthy relationship patterns. The cycle is broken now. Through your relationship, one or both of you is awakening to the realization that old cycles and habits DON’T have to control you— you can control them. This is a great strength to have in a relationship actually (I feel like it sums up my own, too!).

4b. Weakness of the relationship
The Devil – Interesting…

So again, I’d be able to read this better for you if I was more familiar with your relationship dynamics and the two personalities involved… especially with the Devil card showing up. The Devil represents the “darkness” in life. I often read it as having to do with addictions of some sort, hedonistic behavior, bondage, and in relationships, abuse. It can also pertain to a co-dependant relationship, which—while not as harmful, is still a major weakness. 

The Devil card could also be saying that there is a tendency to feel trapped, restricted, stifled, even imprisoned in the relationship. It could be saying that a major need is not being met and that if it isn’t met soon, the person in need may go out and find it elsewhere. 

It could signify that your relationship is causing you to over-invest in that one area of your life, while all other aspects of life are being ignored. 

Lastly, it could just represent the human shadow. That hidden side of ourselves that we really don’t want bring into the light. 

*On that note— contact me if you’d like me to do some kind of shadow spread for you when I get the chance. There’s a TON of good stuff out there on dealing with our shadow self. I did a huge shadow self reading on myself and it was probably the most beneficial reading I’ve done personally.*

Hope this helps, give me feedback please! Have a nice day!


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