Hi! I’m just wondering what the next month or two holds for me. little reading?

Hiya, Teeny. I see you are also a tarot reader! Cool. So I’m going do it like this…

September Theme Card: Death


The theme of your September seems to be transition and change. A major life phase of some sort is coming to an end and a new is about to begin. Elementally, Death is a Water sign card, so I’m tempted to say that the major change could be in the relationship realm. The ending of a bad cycle of behavior inside a relationship, or the ending of a bad relationship altogether may be on the table. There is a subtle reminder here, letting you know that the power is in your hands. Things that look bleak and hopeless do actually have solutions you just haven’t seen yet— think outside the box and stay open and receptive to the transformation the Universe offers you this month.

Challenges: The Emperor

September’s challenge card indicates that there is someone who holds too much power in your life and may be abusing it.It also suggests that you may encounter challenges staying organized and following structure this month. We could also be dealing with a personal struggle to remain in control of your temper.

Triumphs: Wheel of Fortune

When the Wheel is drawn, the big question is— which way will it turn? This card is pulled in the position of a positive aspect of your month ahead, so we can safely assume this indicates that your luck will change for the better. External circumstances will work out to reflect internal positivity for you. This may happen rather quickly and unexpectedly. There is a lot of emphasis on timing and cycles in this card, too!

October Theme Card: Page of Swords

Looking at the Page of Swords as events rather than a specific person tells us that October brings promise of intellectual and mental clarity, a lot of potential for learning and growing, important messages that will come to you in sudden flashes of understanding from deep inside your subconscious. It also indicates that there will be an opportunity for you to fight injustice and speak your mind on something important. It may also suggest that you will become very excited and mentally stimulated by a concept (or a whole bunch of them!).

Challenges: Page of Wands

This challenge may be in human form. List of character traits of the Page of Wands:
If not a person, this challenge has to do with spiritual growth and discovery. It also addresses an issue that I see taking form in this reading — staying organized and followig through. Containing an awful lot of new energy… or not containing it! Starting on more projects than you can really finish.
One other thing that comes to mind is the idea of naivete and too easily trusting. Be wary of who you give your trust to, and make sure they know its a precious thing to have so they’d best not damage it.

Triumphs: Queen of Swords

Here is more that suggests mental clarity. The Queen of Swords has mastered the art of communication and puts her reasoning skills ahead of lower emotions. She can remain detached emotionally enough to see all things clearly and in their truest light.
You may finally stand up against something that has been stifling you, holding you back, and confusing you. You will find that you are stronger than you think.
This may be a great month for independence and being resourceful/showing that you can take care of yourself!


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