Mini-Reading on Your Future as a Spiritual Healer

Greetings! I would like to request a mini-reading and extend the offer of doing one for you if you so desire. My sun is Cancer, moon Capricorn and Asc is Scorpio. My question is as follows: What is a recommended path I should take in growing as a spiritual healer? Significant challenges.
Thank you.

And Greetings to you!

I have focused on your question. The card I have drawn first is the Wheel of Fortune. This Major Arcana card is describing the overall energy, theme, focus, etc. of your question.

We know that the Wheel represents concepts such as fate, destiny and that which is out of our control. It also speaks of “luck”, taking risks, and the many ups and downs we face. Is your life constantly in flux? Are there some repeating cycles and patterns you notice in yourself that might give you some insight into your spiritual path?

Your path will be heavily influenced by timing. It may also be somewhat imposed upon you. In my opinion, I see this card as telling you HOW to figure out the answer to your question. This is, in essence, what reading Tarot is about. I see this as telling you that you should focus on making yourself strong and grounded, open-minded and willing to take big risks… and not so much on planning out the minutiae.

I now draw another card, asking for further clarity about this. Another Major Arcana card— Strength.
There is so much “healing” in this card!
There are a lot of things pointing to animals. Have you looked into the world of utilizing pet/animal therapy in your healing? (Just as I typed this question I again browsed your archive and saw a picture of an elephant, which is an animal I’ve identified as somewhat of an animal totem for me).

I am now shuffling the deck again, asking for insight into significant challenges you may face. I draw the King of Pentacles. He reinforces the idea of working with animals, big-time. However, as a challenge card he presents his own set of obstacles: there may be some fundamental views about money and the process of attaining it that you need to straighten out. He is in an upright position, which would bring me to believe that maybe you care about the material realm a little too much and tend to equate things with happiness. This type of thinking is not conducive to being a spiritual healer. This may be a lesson that you have to learn the hard way (taking a hit, perhaps falling off the top of the Wheel from the beginning of the reading), or you may be granted the foresight to be able to re-align yourself and balance out those priorities as you journey towards your goals. 

Another thought is that you may find yourself lacking in zeal and passion even though you are passionate about what you are doing. Keep in mind that not everyone is a King of Wands, driven by fire.

Your astrological info tells me what you have a lot of deep water representing your element, but that there’s some importance to that Capricorn moon. Capricorn is ruled by the element of earth, just like the King of Pentacles. I believe that balancing the emotional intelligence and passion you have with your perspective on the earthly realm and our human systems of “the daily grind” or what is supposed to be the “dream life” is a challenge you may face. Awareness of course is the first step!

By the way, interesting astrological information. I don’t know how into the zodiac you are but I would suggest going over to and getting a free birth chart! You may realize things about yourself, or maybe you will just get a laugh, either way though I think it would be interesting!

I hope you found this helpful and I’m going to take you up on that offer of a mini-reading in exchange!

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