Anon: relationship issues reading

Hello! I’ve been having some relationship issues and wanted to know where the relationship is going and can it be fixed. Thank you so much!
Hello to you!
I’m just going to pull 3 here for: where the relationship is going, what can be done to help it and what can be done to hurt it.

1. Where the relationship is going: Four of Pentacles

This is sometimes called the “miser” card. In a lot of decks with human/animal characters show someone clutching tightly to one giant pentacle and holding the other three very close at hand. On the positive side, this card points to stability (particularly in the material realm) and good with saving money. But in a relationship reading, it’s connotations are kind of negative. Let me quote the ever-so-helpful site on this to better describe it:

“In a relationship reading The Four of Pentacles often suggests that one partner is withholding their affection from another or keeping a secret. There may be a selfish parnter who only gives if they are sure they are going to get something back in return. It can suggest a partner who is more concerned with material things than the relationship. They could be spending too much time at work even when it is unnecessary.
The Four of Pentacles is a warning flag for jealousy and possessiveness in a relationship. A claustrophobic and controlling relationship could be indicated as one partner is closely guarded and watched by the other. He or she may be looked on as the possession of their partner who dictates to them what to wear, where they go and who they see. Look for cards like the Five of Swords, Eight of Swords, Reversed Court Card (especially Swords) or the Reversed Emperor. Remember that this is a Stage Card and the couple in question may give the outward appearance of being happy and loving but it may be very different behind closed doors.
With the Four of Pentacles we get the possibility of a partner who controls the finances or holds back on money in the relationship. There can be hidden bank accounts. General Stinginess within a relationship is common when this card appears.
The Four of Pentacles can also suggest loneliness in a relationship. You may appear to have everything but inside feel empty and alone in the relationship. You may be trying to keep up with wealthy friends and neighbours, especially if one partner is financially and career ambitious. This may not be your background or the people you would choose to live next to. You could feel out of your depth or have nothing in common with them.
On the other hand, the Four of Pentacles can represent a couple who are saving hard for their future. Everything they have is going into their savings account, leaving little for anything else. They may be saving to get to get married, buy a house or even set up a business. This is a successful, ambitious couple who will have no problem putting the time in, saving hard and making all the sacrifices that go with it. They will certainly reach their goal as planned and on time.
As a couple you may be very self-sufficient and do not need to rely on others around you to make you happy. You may keep to yourselves and closely guard your privacy. This may be the way you naturally live your life as a couple, but on the other hand, you may have good cause to.”

2. What can be done to help: 10 of Pentacles

Ah, I’m seeing an earth based theme here.
This is one of the few Pentacles cards that really implies interpersonal relationships, love and marriage. It represents completion of the whole suit of Pentacles, so think of things like a successful and harmonious pairing. This goes back to the previous card and helps us understand it a little better— this is sort of that best-case scenario described in the text posted above. Being a “self-sufficient” couple. In a relationship reading, it is considered a good sign (remember we’re asking what can be done to help)— so I’d say it’s hopeful. Look to traditional relationship styles, family, and keeping the flame of physical/sexual attraction alive and well. This denotes a mature couple who will grow old together.

3. What can be done to hurt: Ace of Cups


Generally this is like, THE good omen for relationships. But in the position of what actions to avoid to make the relationship work, it seems all backwards. The Cups suit is about emotions and relationships. So how could the Ace of Cups be a negative thing in a relationship?
Let’s come up with some possibilities.

One that I’m thinking right off the top of my head is that this is warning you against relying too heavily on romance and the exciting but still immature phase of “newly dating”. Perhaps in fact it is warning against over-emotionality. One or both partners may not take well to this, preferring a more down-to-earth (like the Pentacles!) style.

Another thing that comes to mind is cheating. Obviously, cheating will significantly hurt the odds of a relationship working out. I have been trying to avoid using any reversals in my free readings on Tumblr, but there’s a positive and a negative side to each card. If this one shows up reversed, for example, it can be a sign of (once again) infidelity, emotional coldness and LACK of empathy, over-sensitivity and even addictions.

Yes – I’m getting a better focus now the more I think about the two cards that preceded the Ace of Cups. I think it’s saying that being overly emotional, overly sentimental, full of romance but devoid of a grounded, lasting commitment to one another is the relationships weak spot (and potential downfall, perhaps into infidelity).

I’d love to know – when you get this, message me and let me know the astrological signs associated with both of the people in this relationship. That could give us some more insight.

Remember: asking again because you don’t like (or don’t understand) the first answer basically renders Tarot readings useless, unless you’re just looking for concepts to meditate on. I would advise you to think about all the things that are coming up for you (Pentacles cards and that Ace of Cups) and spend some time reading about the deeper meanings they all have. What are common ties among cards you’ve drawn? Once you’ve thought about it for a bit, it’s time then to set down the cards and open up a journal. Write about these cards and what lessons they bring, and how it may all relate to your situation. Be open-minded and willing to consider these lessons even if they don’t seem to be saying what you’d hoped they would.

I do hope this helps, and if you’d like, message me your two astrological sun signs and I’ll let you know if I think of any further insights that can be found elementally!


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