Reading for Gemini & Scorpio on Getting Back Together

For Elizabeth and Armando

To represent you, the Gemini, and your feelings/attitudes toward the other person, I pulled the 2 of Wands. This is an idicator of choices concerning your future. This is not a time of action, but rather a time of planning. You are instructed to follow your natural calling, but be aware that you may be faced with a hard decision as to where to direct your energy.

To represent the Scorpio’s feeling toward you, I pulled the Page of Swords. This is a double Air sign card, which indicates to me that Armando knows you well. There is an issue surrounding “clingyness”— Armando may feel that you are either too clingy or too detached. Important to note: the Page of Swords is okay being friends after a breakup!

To represent the dynamic between the two of you in general, I pulled the 6 of Swords. Is it possible that the two of you have had a somewhat rocky relationship in the past? This card is all about progressing out of painful situations, making mental progress, moving on, healing, etc. But, it also gives a glimmer of hope that the worst times may be behind you!

To represent the outcome of getting back together, I pulled the 8 of Swords, and this indicates a big no, along with a strong warning. There might be a lot of pain, hurt, danger, jealousy, and feeling trapped on your part, Elizabeth.

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