I’m not quite sure how readings work, But I’ll give you as much information as I can. My name is Amber, I’m a Cancer sign and his name is Colin, His sign is Leo, We have a lot of really bad history in our friendship that has culminated in him leaving “for good”, Is there any hope we can get the friendship back or is this really the end?

Hi there Amber! 

I used a mini-spread that I often use for relationship questions. 

Card 1 with represent YOUR attitude/feelings/thoughts toward him.

Card 2 will represent HIS attitude/feelings/thoughts toward you.

Card 3 will represent that which CAN be changed, if you wish to change it.

Card 4 will represent the general outlook of the outcome of this situation. 

1.Your stance toward him: The Chariot

Torn in two directions, but driven. Power, movement, force. 

2. His stance toward you: The Tower

Huge loss, entire collapse, cannot be resurrected

3. What can be done to change things: 4 of Pentacles

Addressing trust issues, dealing with issues related to generosity vs. selfishness.

4. Outlook for the friendship: 8 of Cups

Moving on. Leaving behind that which no longer suits us. Someone is moving on from the friendship because they feel that it is holding them back in life. 


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